a little "golf" Christmas for Mr O.

PurplemoonDecember 3, 2012

Since Mr Oblivious is so obsessed with golf, I like to have some decorations for him. Not sure he cares, but I do. LOL.
The Golf Foursome were finds over a few years, mostly from eBay I think. I made him the little golf wreath, and also on eBay found the golf iron snowflakes. Both arrangements are just outside the master-bedroom, so he kind of HAS to see them!!

hugs, Karen

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Another creative wreath! Very cool, purplemoon! & I like the collection of 'golfers' ... & the snowflakes are a 'hoot' or should I shout 'up to par!' (I know nothing of golf, ~~giggle). You chose a great spot for the golf decor, too! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, the guy who made the snowflakes also had the crescent moon ornament with a mini golf ball hanging from it. Of course with me loving the moon so much, I HAD to get this. Its perfect for Mr O and me.

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I'll bet Mr O is loving this! Smiling each time
he walks by to go golfling! He might not say so
but it's to neat to go unnoticed. Those golf club
snowflake are the cutest! I love the wreath you
made w/golf balls. Great Job.


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Again another very cute vignette made for a special person. I agree with Punk - Mr O may not come right out and say anything but I bet there is a smile in his heart when he walks by. Very nice .....


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So clever. I hope Mr. O does notice them.

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Well Karen since you have these decorations right outside
the Master Bedroom so 'Mr O' would notice and think he
won't...maybe if you added some sort of 'Musical Sensor' to
them so every time he passed they would Remind him they're there! lol
I remember when you got one of those Golf Guys on
Ebay. You have a nice collection now and the grouping you made with them is adorable.
The wreath you made is so cute and creative - especially those 'unique' snowflakes!
Honestly, it's clear you put these together with love and
I'm sure warms the heart of 'Mr O'.

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Karen, Mr.O is lucky to have you.
Your golfing quartet is a hoot,
and the wreath is terrific.
I think the snow flakes are so clever.
It's great to see you decorating!!

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Darling! I love doing little things around the house that speak to someone special. Your golfers have a lot of detail.
Nicely arranged, PM.

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Marlene Kindred

Mr. O would have to be BLIND not to notice those great arrangements!

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Karen, I'm sure deep down Mr. O appreciates it, he just isn't the type to acknowledge or express his appreciation.

Once again, we have several pieces in common. I have 2 of the smallest nutcracker golfers in the first photo, and some of my Santa golfers look similar to yours, but have different colored clothing. I also have the golf bag ornie on the left side of your wreath with the snowman headcover and some of the glass golf balls on the tees!

Obviously, I am partial to this decor, but I do love all of the rest as well. You are so thoughtful to take care of Mr. O and involve his interest in your decorations. Lovely job as usual, we expect nothing less from our Karen! You are such a sweetheart and this is definitely BELOW par, which is a good thing in golf, above par means you didn't score well!!LOL You hit it a mile with this decor.

Well done.

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My fav is the golf club "snowflakes". :) FWIW, I think that I am oblivious too, because everyone here notices all the little details in posted photos that I just don't see. :p

PM, he might notice if you have some golf-related gifts for him too. My BF *LOVES* it when I have custom-printed golf balls made for him. :)

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I'm sure he's noticing whether he says so or not.

I LOVE theme trees/wreaths.


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