'Fraser Fir' Christmas Tree Lights Up!

jeannespinesDecember 3, 2012

Yesterday we went to a tree farm & brought home this beautiful Fraser Fir for our family tree in the living room ...we both wished it was 'growing' out our front LR windows, but it's not, so here it is:

The last 2 seasons we've been changing to LED lights ... so the white ones aren't true white ...but a yellow-gold antique-y color ...but the 'blues' are blue ...we got them on today:

Our beautiful star has died after being re-soddered & used for many yrs so I found this one @Walgreens that changes colors...it's pretty:

Started adding all the 'family memories' (ornaments from thru the years) but that will come tomorrow when it's light again. Did get the outdoor decor finished today as it was very warm high 60's (record tie-breaker for Dec weather in IA) ... here's a rusty reindeer (actually a candle holder) that I use by my basement door:

& I cut more greenery from the Pines in our woods & a few trimmings from the Frasier tree & finished my 'old sled' vignette by the basement door ...it's a old tire planter, old parking meter, old sled & old hockey skates...& the message says what we all hope for in our world:

I changed the photo to antique-y look as I plan on using it for cards. TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

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What a gorgeous tree! And then the picture of it lit up is really fantastic. I am really looking forward to seeing it with all the ornaments.

You are so lucky to have real trees and fresh greenery at hand. Real trees here in Phoenix are cut in OCT, usually in Oregon. So with our continued HOT weather thru the Fall, they dry out fast when they hit the tree lots. I gave up on them years ago when most would be half dead by Christmas day. Fire hazard, needles everywhere, frustrating. I so envy you having the fresh smell and loveliness of real ones.

Your outdoor decor is always as appealing as your indoor's.
hugs, Karen

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Jeanne, love, love your blue lights on that
beautiful tree. I agree w/Karen, will be
looking forward to seeing it with all the
ornaments. Your rusty reindeer with the
wheel is fantastic. How'd you come up with
that one? Always love your 'old sled' vignette.

Your weather sounds fantastic for decorating
outside. It has been warmer here than most.
I sure hope this weekend is descent here and
I have time to get some done. I love the rain
but don't want to get soaked decorating.

If is wasn't for working today, this would be
enough to make me go bring our old sled out and
get it decorated. Instead I'm going to go make
green salad w/salmon for lunch so I can enjoy
Christmas Candy later this month.haha


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Thanks, karen & punk ... I am really lovin' the tree & esp adding the blue LED lights this yr! Got the ornaments on from yrs & yrs of memories ...so I'm sitting here tonight admiring & just took these pics...hope you enjoy the peacefulness, too! Jeanne S.

Full view w/Mr. & Mrs. Santa, Snowlady & my couple Nutcrackers ...

Backside view (a little light from the kitchen) ...

A close-up of Santa ...

And look who's enjoying the evening w/me ... looks pretty comfy, doesn't she!

All is well in the world here tonight .... haveTree C12.12">

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You picked out a beautiful tree Jeanne.. looks great with and w/o decorations.
Mr & Mrs Claus looking good and right at home under the tree once again..also your furry girlfriend! lol
Love your outdoor rusted reindeer..that's a neat piece
and a girl after my own heart with the old sled & skates..
Always brings back fond memories when kids enjoyed
outdoor sports more than sitting and playing with a little electronic gizmo!
Nice decorating job on everything.

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What a beautiful tree! I'm sure it smells wonderful!

Your decorations are spectacular and I love the old sled. I have my childhood sled next to my Frosty tree. I used it on top of my dining room table for several years as a centerpiece, but now it has a home next to Frosty.

Your doggy seems very content.
Now you just need Elvis singing "Blue Christmas" to go with your pretty lights, LOL


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It has such a wonderful warmth and beauty to it all, Jeanne. I could sit by your tree for hours just daydreaming. Love your dog snoozing there, looks like a Christmas card!

hugs, Karen

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Thanks for sharing your tree with us, Jeanne.
The blue lights are so peaceful looking.
The rusty wheel and reindeer are really neat.
I think the picture of the sled and skates will be perfect for cards.
I love the black and white.
Mr & Mrs Claus look amused at your friend napping.

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Well, if that tree doesn't say "Snuggle Up," I don't know what does.
What a cozy scene it makes!

I like when you said, "Got the ornaments on from yrs & yrs of memories ...so I'm sitting here tonight admiring." I do that quite often.
Lots of times, I'm not sure what the final result will be. But when the project is finally complete, I grab a cup of coffee
(or a glass of wine) and sit down and just gaze upon the result.

I know I've said it before, but I am jealous of the sled and wagon wheel. They're so cool!

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I love seeing your pup under your decorated and lit tree. The scene looks so cozy, festive and inviting.

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loving the pictures - tree and vignettes are so peaceful looking .....


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Thanks, Holiday-ers ... 'Tis the season, right! Appreciate your kind comments ...to answer a few questions:

punk ... that rusty reindeer is an old candleholder (a HLobby big clearance some yrs back...the antlers have rusted off ...so they flop around some...DH fixed it a couple times now) LOL! & I love to flea market garden ...so that's where the wheel comes in...the squeeshy stuff behind the wheel is gourds/pumpkins ...they've grown back from that poor area by my garage door a couple yrs now & I just let them 'trail' up the rock stream. ;-) Thanks, OA, too!

Our dog just 'wads' up that bed & moves it whever to her heart's desire & that's where she moved it last nite.

The sled & skates do bring back 'good memories' for me, too, jane ...lots of times as kids we could skate on Thanksgvg weekend! Colder weather coming here again, too...so there may be some skating for kids over Christmas! Hope so!

TFLookin', everyone! Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

Beautiful tree Jeanne! Love the blue lights...brings back childhood memories of them. Always a favorite! Love your outdoor decor too...the reindeer and the old wheel and your sled is so, so cool with the skates! Love the antiquing look of the picture too~

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I just saw today (on the news) that in Ohio they are paying top dollar for well-shaped Fraser Furs. $40 for a four foot tree. After that it goes waaaaay up.
A 14 foot is nearly $1000.
Yours is prettier than the ones they were showing on the news segment.

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Jeanne, your blue tree is gorgeous all decorated
with the ornaments. After reading OA's post, did
you get a good buy or are trees that expensive?

I read Nana thinks the sled picture would make
neat Christmas cards. Me too but I'm lovin'
the last two pictures for cards too.


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I feel like I got a good buy ...I would rather always have a live tree growing in my yard ...but Fraser Firs are not native here ... matter of fact, the tree farms had hundreds of them planted (probably 2 -yrs old or so seedlings) that were all 'brown' row & after row due to the 'severe drought' here in our IA & alot of IA. So we did buy an already 'cut tree' brought in from Michigan...usually we 'cut our own' on that tree farm.

The last 2 yrs we've had 'firs' & I love the look & feel of them & easy to decorate. But, wow, OA ...I cannot imagine trees costing that much money!

The vine tree was lit up last night here in my dining room & it didn't cost me anything...so far it's lasted quite a few yrs ...I love it! LOL! Thanks, Holiday-ers! Jeanne S.

This post was edited by jeannespines on Thu, Dec 6, 12 at 10:54

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There it is!
Was waiting to see your Vine tree all decked out for
Christmas...love it.
Love the warm glow of the two photos you took .

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Oh, I love that tree. It's good to see it again. Is that birdie an ornament?

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Yes, OA ... I try to snatch up those resin bird 'snap-on' ornaments when I see them (not often) ...I change them out to 'red cardinal' ones for Feb. ;-)

Half my rice lights quit working on this tree but they've been on there for some yrs now so I bought a new 140 light strand ...added 2 diff kinds of 'glass' garlands (one I've had since I got the tree). I, too, love this tree ...so far, it's making it! ;-) Jeanne S.

Here's another view of birds, garland & fullview of tree last night:

Oh...& the same fave 'snowy' farm painting & sheep from the past several yrs on the buffet shelf:

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You have such a pretty live tree Jeanne. It's especially pretty with the blue lights.
I'm happily admiring from way over here as I'm one of "those" people that live trees in the house really do a number on. My parents always had live ones when we were kids and they just couldn't grasp that I was so sick because the tree was killing me. I can't even walk through the garden centers at the stores this time of year when they drag em all in without my eyes itching/watering. blah...lol
Love the doggie under the tree. She looks so cozy and content.
Your vine tree is always one of my favorite things to. The little birdie is to cute.

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Gosh, Jeanne. I'd forgotten about that great picture. I WANT TO COME LIVE IN YOUR HOUSE IN DECEMBER. It's like one, big Hallmark Card.

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Hi Jeanne, Tell me about that picture of the animals being fed in the snow. I love it and it speaks to me. Thanks!

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Funny, OA!

mammie ...the artist is Robert Duncan ...the print is called 'An April Storm.' When I lost my Mom I spent some money on buying this print & getting it framed & I hang it here all Winter. I love it! I Googled & here's a link ... I also have bought this print in 'card form.'

Thanks, ladies. Jeanne S.

Here is a link that might be useful: Poster: An April Storm

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Well, it is just wonderful. I know it must have so much meaning to you. All your Christmas pretties look wonderful!

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Love the idea for your card...perfect.

Your home looks so warm and inviting.

Love the vine tree/deer pic...very comforting.


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