my family-room fireplace decorations

PurplemoonDecember 3, 2012

Well, I'm not doing as much decorating this year, and left
my 3 regular trees stored, and the 3 4 ft tinsel trees in different colors. Tho after decorating the little urn tree and putting on the table, I wish I'd done one of the others instead. But I'm not redoing it now even tho I'm unhappy with how it looks. I decided not to get out my Village this year, with the exception of 3 pieces. I put the Golf Shop and the Antique Shop on the little table, since those two things are the loves of me and Mr Oblivious. (separately, LOL. He doesn't do antiquing! And I don't golf)

My family-room fireplace area. I usually have a mirror over the fireplace during Christmas decorating, but this time I decided to make a wreath to put there instead.

That is my Mark Roberts Santa Fairy my DDIL gave me a couple of years ago. And a lighted ornament tree I bought.

The mercury glass candles came from Home Goods a few years ago, and the Toy Maker Nutcracker was an eBay find.

The bottom shelf is some of my Christmas Bunnies. And of course my favorites on the others...horses and reindeer!

And Jazz aka Trouble seems to be giving the polar bear cub the "stink eye". But I don't think the cub is suitably impressed whatsoever.

hugs, Karen

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Looks like Santa is keepin' an eye on Jazz! This is so beautiful, PM ...I always adore your mantle & fireplace decor ... the wreath is very pretty & I admire how you can do those! That Santa fairy & lighted ornament tree look great there & of course, I still love those red mercury candleholders! (what a find!)

Precious collections on your built-in shelf ... always enjoy your reindoor, horses & 'bunnies!' One ones you've chosen looks spectacular!! The top shelf trees w/sparkly it!

I'm glad you got out a few pcs of your village...I've always thought putting all those out in your china cabinets was overwhelming WORK! They look good on your table ...I wish you liked the potted tree ...maybe it's because it's on the table ...could you move it somewhere else & add a smaller one to the table?

& you know I've told you before, I love the polar bear...I'm still lookin'! LOL! TFS, got alot done & I hope you are patting yourself on the better! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Thanks Jeanne, my daughter found the cub one year at after-Christmas sale at Target. I'm not into snowmen, I like "critters", so I was thrilled with this little guy. He seems to be made of wood. The sparkly Santa and Reindeer on the top shelf are really favorite pieces of mine, a QVC gift from a friend several years ago.

Yes, I could move the urn tree and get out another, I just am having a hard enough time talking myself into decorating this year tho, so just don't want to do it over now. I made the wreath full of ornaments since my trees are staying stored this year. I still wanted my favorite ones out and that was a solution for me.

Thank you for all the wonderful words, makes me feel good.
hugs, Karen

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Karen, after seeing these last two posts,
I feel bad saying I hope you decorate more
today! This is all so BEAUTIFUL! Now it's
my turn, where to start. Love your tree with
the lit village pieces under it. Moving on
to the shelves. So good to see all the
horses, bunny and bears. I'll bet the sparkly
deerand santa are amazing in RL.

Your fireplace always looks gorgeous decorated.
I love everthing on here. Love your Mark Roberts
Fairy and lighted ornament tree. Tell your DDIL
if she's out shopping and wants to pick up one of
those fairies for me, I'd glady accept.LOL All
Jazz needs is his Christmas hat and this would be
picture perfect!

Hope you can relax now and just enjoy your
'Beautiful Home' all decorated for the Holidays.
Now back to that salad!haha


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Loving the fireplace mantel and the wreath above it. My wonderful hubby built me a faux fireplace last November just so I could decorate it for fall and Christmas. Now I wish I had several more because I see so many gorgeous ones that all you gals have done. I am also finding that breaking the huge village scene up into smaller vignettes is a nice change. I did that last year and it seemed like individual pieces stood out more and could shine on their own. I especially love the stare down between Jazz and the polar bear - too cute :) .....


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That looks like lots of work already. I don't put my village out every year either, but I did this year. I also like the idea of using the village buildings in separate vignettes around the house. I might try that some year.

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My daughter looking over my shoulder, "Dang! She's good!"

Says it all :)

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Thanks, Ladies. And Alex, please tell your daughter her compliment gave me a BIG smile!

hugs, Karen

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Karen, It makes me happy that you felt up to decorating.
Everything looks wonderful..
Jazz doesn't look like a trouble
I'm going to go back to look again to see what I missed.

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Purplemoon missed Jazz looking like a trouble-maker!! LOL

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Marlene Kindred

I'm still laughing at "I'm not doing as much decorating this year..." Seems to me that you have been one busy bee! Love your mantel decorations and your Santas are so pretty! Jazz does indeed look like he's giving the bear the stinkeye, but Santa looks like he could take care of Jazz if he decided to make trouble! Love all of your "toys" on the shelves above the TV and the tree on the table is just the table and the little houses with it!

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Thanks, Marlene. But when I leave my Village stored and my other trees, trust me...I definitely didn't do as much.
I noticed Santa's expression, and I think he's seriously going to let Jazz know if he's being bad. And Santa is carrying "a big stick" too. LOL

hugs, Karen

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I'm making an effort to catch up.. lol
Indeed , for someone who isn't "doing much" , you've sure done a LOT. :)
Everything looks wonderful , esp little Jazz keeping watch over things. It seems the polar cub is giving him the same stink eye so I think they are even. LOL
LOOVE your mantal and am green with envy of those who have one to play with. There isn't an inch of space in this house or I would have sprung one up by now. lol
I have a friend who moved to Phoenix when he married his wife. They have a huge fireplace in their house that she decorates all of the time because she says they never really "need" to use it.
Anyhoo... I'm SO happy to see you've felt up to decorating a bit. That's always a good thing. :)

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I've got to quit looking at these threads.
You are giving me sooo many ideas.

My Honey said it's apparent I'm going to have to start decorating in August next year.


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Gail, I think with the size of your home, Mr Honey is giving you very good advice to start in Aug. ;o)
As for giving you too many ideas...first thank you, but have you looked at all the great photos in our Forum's Inspiration Album? There's a ton of them there, and sorted into sub-albums to find things easier. The main album is all Christmas Trees, then you can check the others from it.
I've posted the link once or twice during the past month.

hugs, Karen

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Beautiful, but the first thing that caught my eye was the cat LOL. Had to wonder if he/she thought it was part of the decorations. I do love your wreath and the small tree with the ornaments.

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