HP Printer Problem during first "set up"

luis_prApril 15, 2013

I bet this has not happened to anyone.

I purchased an Officejet Pro 8600 and have not been able to use it due to a snafu during the initial "set up" process. The very first thing that the set up process asked was to choose a language and things went downhill from there. My big fingers clicked the wrong language button (not the one for English) in the printer control panel and, immediatelly, the words in the control panel switched to that language.

I tried hitting some of the buttons to go back not really knowing what the buttons currentyly said. No dice. The screen changed so I doubt I am on the screen that had the list of languages.

Now I have some asian symbols for who knows what language. Resembles Japanese or Chinese in the movies. I tried unplugging while the printer was "on", disconnecting the power cable from the wall and reconnecting it. Did not help. I tried unplugging it for almost 24 hrs. Did not help.

Hpw can I restart the set up process when I do not have a clue what the control panel is even saying?

I put a question on the HP Support website but no success there so far.

TIA, Luis

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PKponder TX

Uninstall from your Add/Remove control Panel and delete the printer for your Printers folder. Just start over :-)

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Not possible yet.

I have yet to define the printer to my PC or install the CD that came with it. I was working the set up from the instructions in HP's Set Up sheet. First thing was to power up and answer the questions on the printer's control panel. Power up went well and then I fat fingered the very first question.....

Note that I am referring to the printer's control panel, not Windows' Control Panel.


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PKponder TX

So, it's not yet installed? Just remove the disk and restart Windows. Start the installation fresh.

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Thinking outside the box...you could copy/paste a section of the "Asian" language into Google Translate. It can identify which language you're seeing, and with patience, you can translate your way back to the "choose a language" button...maybe.

Here is a link that might be useful: Google Translate

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At this point I would contact customer service here. Click the green link top right side.

You will type messages back and forth so there is no language difficult (or wasn't in my case) Very helpful folks.

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The interrupted installation could be in the Windows Temp folder. Take a peek into the folder, and manually remove it. Or better yet, use CCleaner to remove the folder contents. I would run the registry tool also, and remove any orphaned HP entries.


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As the OP has not returned we have no idea but I think he is referring to the info window and set up buttons on the printer itself. Could be wrong of course.

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I think I did that a few years ago when we got our new HP all in one or I did something stupid on the printer screen. Called HP right away since it was new and they guided me through no problem. Mary

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Owbist is correct. I have not connected the PC in any form or fashion to the printer (or vice-versa). I have not tried to run the printer's installation CD on the PC yet. Windows has no idea that the printer exists and has no way to communicate with it. There is no wired or wireless communication between them.

I am literally at the beginning. Powered the unit and that was it... The set up or initialization of the printer requires connecting the electric wire to the wall, then to the printer and turning the printer 'on'. No CD. No wires connected to the PC. Once it had power, I pressed the Power Button. Once turned 'on' for the very first time, the printer then asked questions. The first question was 'which language to use', and I fatfingered that one. As soon as I did that, the set up instructions that were being displayed on the printer's control panel or console turned into Chinese. Attempts to correct that by pressing here and there in the printer console did not improve/correct things. Since the console's screen looks different than it used to when the languages were listed, my clicking of buttons in the console moved forward the set up to other questions but I have no idea what the current display in Chinese means....

So to summarize, my problem is literally with the printer. There is no link up between the printer and my PC yet; I never got far enough with the printer initialization steps.

The printer's control panel (I call it a console) is about 1" by 1.5", and is located on the printer itself). It is touch sensitive like a smaller smartphone screen. As such, it is impossible to use my PC to copy/paste anything. And messing with Windows would accomplish nothing in the printer. ;o(

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