IE 8 Question? Or is it a Yahoo Question?

luis_prApril 15, 2013

I have IE 8 running on a Windows XP SP3, Dell XPS 400 Desktop PC and a Yahoo Toolbar. Ihave recently noticed some odd behaviours that I was wondering if anyone in similar scenarios was having.

Sometimes when I exit IE, the window goes away and another one starts all over again. For example, I had been in yahoo, finished my business there by logging off and then hit the 'X' in the upper right to exit IE. The screen went away and another one popped up in my default starting webpage.

Another time, I was using Yahoo to search some information. When I clicked some of the hits, another IE Session would not start (that is ok) and another tab would get started. When I was done reading that tab, I would exit the tab by clicking the 'X' on the tab and another tab on that same webpage would start. I had to kill IE using Ctrl/Alt/Del.

I have successfully checked my Windows Updates, scanned the PC with Adware, SuperAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes and found no issues.

The common denominator was that Yahoo had been recently used and I was loading/exiting webpages. Any idea why this happens? I could find a way to detect what version of a Yahoo toolbar I have so I did not post that info above.

TIA, Luis

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PKponder TX

Do you 'need' the Yahoo toolbar? You can set Yahoo as your search engine by choosing Tools, Manage Add Ons and then click on Search Providers. Choose Yahoo, Click on Toolbars and Extensions and disable Yahoo Toolbar (right click, disable). Restart IE.

The problem with toolbars is that their behavior is unpredictable.

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So you think I should remove it and see if the problem persists or not? I can try that but I should point out that my searches were not done using the Toolbar. I typed and searched from there. But I will try deleting the toolbar and see.

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PKponder TX

If disabling toolbars does not help, you may need to reset IE8. That is through Internet Options on the advanced tab. After resetting IE8, msn will be your homepage. If you need help changing that, I can provide steps.

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