I'm using internet explorer 11 with Outlook mail

ellie45April 29, 2014

I have strengthened my security considering this the latest hack. If I shutdown my computer that uses Windows 7, would my PC be safer?

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Yes. Computers are extremely safe when they have been turned off. Unless, of course, it gets dropped on the floor or hit by a bolt of lightning.

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Why are you using Internet Explorer when there are other browsers that are safe?

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Oh, so funny azinoh......

grandms: I am about to try palemoon.

I use Outlook for mail and have no Idea if they are compatible or what I am doing. Will find out soon.

However, it was recommended by Corinne. I may start asking questions here if I have difficulty changing browsers.

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I just answered the question as it was asked, which as stated seemed to have nothing to do with either IE 11 or Outlook mail. Don't know what other kind of answer you were hoping to get. "Shutting down" the computer certainly means that no virus/malware can get in or out...so your computer is safe. That's what you asked.

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Azinoh, you gave me great advice but you couldn't hear me laughing about the bolt of lightning and or dropped computer. Stuff happens. I'm so glad I have that extra protection you advised me to use.

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