Floor plan feedback please!

sdegraff77July 1, 2013

We are a family of soon to be 6. Children ages 0, 2 and 5 as well as my oldest daughter who is 18 and attending university. We expect her to live with us for the next 5 yrs while finishing school. We plan for this to be our forever home. It is on a 50 x 120 foot lot in a wonderful established central area. An attached garage is really important to my husband but we can only do a rear attached garage with access from the lane.

My Husband occasionally works from home and sometimes sees clients there as well. I am a SAHM.

We generally hang out all together in the main living area and feel that bedrooms should be for sleeping not necessarily a place for kids to play. Which is why I wanted a main floor play room. I anticipate that as the kids get older this room will function as a computer room.

We are not formal people at all. We do have a large family and like to entertain (Christmas dinner can easily be 25) and even if we just have another family over we are easilly at 10-11 people.

I am pretty happy with the main floor but would love some suggestions! The kitchen layout isnt finalized yet just a general idea.

I will post the second floor and basement

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My 18yr old weill have the bedroom by the front of the house

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We like the central bath in this plan but will put the laundry where the closet is and use the closet/ master bath layout from the next plan with the change of doing a walkthrough his and her closet...

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this is the masterbath closet lay out that are closer. Just modifying it to be a his and her closet

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I've only had a chance to look at the first floor. Seems pretty good.

A few thoughts:

Is there a way to squeeze a shower in the powder room? That was the playroom can be used as a ground floor bedroom in a pinch.

The angled island again! Not sure why they are so popular with designers but they don't really function that well. I would definitely take these plans to the kitchen forum

Would you consider swapping the dining room and family room? I just think you will want the playroom and family room to be next to each other.

Do you think you need a coat closet in the mudroom?

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Annie Deighnaugh

I wouldn't want the main sink in the island...do you really want people sitting and overlooking and smelling the dirty dishes? I would suggest posting the kitchen plan in the kitchen forum for insight into best kitchen layouts.

I'm not a fan of the fireplace placement as it isn't either here or there....you can't put a grouping around it to enjoy the fire. If that is a slider in the DR to the outside, then put a window there instead, slide the FP down to the family room and put the slider in between so you get a natural traffic flow out the back without having to circle furniture. Or you can float a 2-sided fireplace in the middle to separate the 2 rooms and enjoy the fire from both.

I don't know the lot layout, but think about how guests will enter the home. If they drive into the driveway in the back, they will never find their way to the front door.

I agree that you need some closet space...we have both a coat closet and a broom closet in our mudroom and both get intensely used.

In swing doors in water closets are a safety hazard...the doors should pocket or out swing.

Does this home have and need 2 laundry rooms? Think about how much daylight you will have in the basement, where the windows and decks are located.

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I agree with most comments from everyone. Another idea that might be useful in your design is to incorporate a pass-through from the pantry to the kitchen counter.

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Thanks for the feedback so far!

I was trying to figure out a way to get aonther closet on the main floor too. My thought is that I would keep the broom in the pantry...

I also considered moving the mud room door to the left and putting some more storage on the other side of the pantry

I will definitely be taking it to the kitchen forum!

My husband really like the angled island, i prefer rectangular and would love to see if we could get the main sink out of the island.

That is a window in the DR. Our thought is that we would do built in and center seating on in the LR on the TV perhaps adding two small higher windows on that side and then change the single window on the DR to two small windows as well to keep it balanced. We ruled out a two sided fireplace as we felt this gave us a better option to expand the dining room to seat large dinners when needed!

As far as entry guests would almost exclusively enter through the front door!

I do think we need the second laundry room as I dont want my 18yr old bringing her laundry up to me! That way she can be totally responsible for herself and it would give guests a place to do thier laundry as well. Additionally we want to keep the option to suite the basement in the future (as we are a 10 min walk to down town and university)

I was thinking of adding windows along the wall in the game room in the basement. with both front porch and rear garage and porch there arent alot of options for windows. Alternately i considered adding two more closets along that wall for more storage..... Perhaps I could do one closet and one window?

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Any other feed back would be greatly appreciated! Especially on the Basement and second floor!

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I'd include a pass-through between the pantry and the kitchen. Imagine how convenient: you go into the pantry, pick a couple cans, and instead of carrying them, you slide open a door and set them on the counter.

I'm not crazy about the angled island.

I like the last upstairs option because the bathrooms are more nicely laid out.

I wouldn't worry about the 18 year old bringing her laundry to you. She can haul it up and down and can do it herself.

I agree with swapping the family room and the dining room, and I'd move the fireplace to your seating area.

I'd be concerned about walking upstairs to the bedroom as you age.

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