Floor plan. Please critique

Whetstone525July 13, 2014

Please critique our floor plan. The study will be a nursery for the time being. We're not sure about the kitchen. We do not like the tiny island, but removed it appears that the kitchen is too wide.

The home is 1 1/2 story. We will be building on an unfinished walkout basement.

Thanks for your input.

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2nd Floor

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Great plan! Love pretty much everything about the first floor. Also, I couldn't really read room sizes from the picture you posted...Only comment I have is the sink/vanity area in the master looks to be a bit tight. Do you have front elevation pics. I'm trying to picture the garage at the angle.

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Mostly I like it.

If you switch the tub and shower in the master, the light from the window above the tub will make the hallway between the closets much more bright and inviting. And, the toilet door should swing out, not in.

No closet by the front door?

The garage door and cubby area is a little funky. Imagine coming in the door, shutting it, and then stepping back toward the door to the cubbies. Or several people all putting on shoes and coats at the cubbies and trying to get out the door. It's not horrible, but it seems like it could be a congested space depending on the number of people in your family.

The kitchen is... well, its bad. Really bad, at least from a function standpoint. Imagine the number of steps you would have to take to cook even a simple meal, around and around the island, from fridge to sink to stove to sink, on and on. I would post it on the kitchens forum.

I like the one nice dining space, instead of two smaller dining spaces that are common in a lot of plans. I think the study will be a great space that can fill many functions over the years, nursery, office, away room, etc. It might be a little dark in there though, with just one small window.

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The plans are pretty hard to read. I can't read many of the dimensions at all.

The HVAC next to bedroom 3 could be loud. Look into proper soundproofing.

How do you envision all these attic doors? Why do you need so much attic access? It think, I count 9 doors. Which really breaks up and limits wall space.

Do you need 2 separate doors from the great room to the porch? It seems like that was done for symmetry?

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The space labeled mudroom is really just a back hall with doors opening off it. There is not much storage or hanging space, not much space to drop shoes, caps, backpacks, diaper bags, purses, sit down to put on the kicked-off shoes. I do, though, like the laundry room, and at the risk of adding yet another door, would add yet another door on to the screen porch from it.

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All the traffic coming in from the garage goes through the kitchen. How does the cook feel about that? Yes, the kitchen is not big enough for an island and too large without it.

The door swing on the master toilet room should swing out for safety.

I agree with pixie lou regarding the attic doors. They are really going to add up in price too.

Bedroom 3 has quite the hike across the balcony to the bathroom.

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Thanks for all the advice. Please keep it coming. We do not plan on having all of those attic accesses. The architect put them on the plan and said we could determine what we wanted in the field. We do not have elevations complete yet. I'll try to upload a pic of an inspiration home.

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Hopefully these are easier to read.

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Bathrooms are so important... Why not try a pocket door for the master bath? Also, be careful about a garden tub! They seem deep, but I'm just 5'8" and can't recall stretch out in mine!

I'd not have the second small WIC and expand the vanity space.

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