Standards for size of bath and lighting?

robin11034August 28, 2012

Greetings everyone!

I'm already at the point where I have to decide on the lighting.

The facts:

The bath is about 9.5 feet by 12 feet.

The mirror and sink area run the full 9.5 foot width of the bathroom. I know ... that is huge.

There are two fixtures currently over the mirror, each centered over a sink.

Each fixture has 8 bulbs ... well spots for 8 bulbs. Right now each only have four bulbs in them.

There are two "directional" lights right in the middle of the ceiling.

I love light.

Dh hates to waste electricity.

I would like to change the lighting over the sinks to two mirrors with sconces on each side and one or two in between the mirrors. And do SOMETHING/ANYTHING with the directional lighting.

But I am afraid that 3 or four sconces will not be enough light for me unless I put 100 watt bulbs in them. I can just hear dh right now, "Why don't you just light hundred dollar bills?"

To help me select a lighting option that will please us both ... is there any formula I can use to help me decide if the fixtures I purchase will supply enough reasonable light for the room (i.e be bright enough for me) and keep hubby happy? You know something like "for every square foot of space in a room you need x amount of whatever."

Is there such a formula?

And what in the world do I replace those two directional lights with?

Thanks for any help you can direct my way!


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Forgot to put the drawing in. Something like this. It is actually probably a little wider than this, but this was the closest picture I could find. I'm just a little worried that there will not be enough light and I will feel like I am in a cave.


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If you have enough light now, then first you need to determine how much light you currently have. What watt bulbs are they and how many lumens? Then you can get new fixtures that will put out at least the same number of lumens.

I don't know what a directional light is. Do you mean a recessed light? Or a track fixture?

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Thanks, dekeoboe! That makes sense to me!

The thing that I call a directional light is two canister type lights with arms and a disk on the ceiling. You can change the direction of the lights. I guess you could call it a mini track lighting type thing, but you can't move them from their anchored position. The amount of light provided is not worth the electricity used.

I did learn to be careful with the kind of bulb I put in them.

"Dh, what is that smell?"
"Not sure ... smells like something is burning."

15 minutes later we discover that it is the canister and part of it has melted.

I guess they weren't engineered for 60 watt bulbs.

Thanks, again!

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Getting rid of those overhead (over the sink) lights and using sconces on the sides of the mirrors will make a HUGE difference and you may be able to get away with less wattage. Over the mirror lighting is notorious for casting shadows,unflattering and (in my experience) just doesn't offer good general lighting. Side lighting is considered the most flattering and good for applying makeup and general use.
My old bathroom had a 75" counter with sinks at each end. The lighting was two large hanging sconces. I had a 100 watt in each. Looked like a operating room it was so bright, but, any time we needed to do something that required good lighting, we trekked to the bathroom :) The lights hung just slightly above eye level.
Fast forward to the new and improved master bath that was built about 5 years ago. Shortened the counter by about a foot, one sink, knee space in the center for my makeup chair. I had problems making sconces work, finding what I wanted and was running out of time. Was talked into recessed lighting, one on each end and one about 6 ft behind me at the bathroom entrance. There is also a wall sconce to my right in the potty alcove and a mini chandy over the tub on my left. Three different switches, all on dimmers. OK, I kinda got off course Anyway, the recessed lights are the pits! When I'm standing at the mirror, primping, I have to turn on the light over the tub and by the toilet to really see! Very regretful I didn't go with what I knew worked. Google bathroom lighting, what's best, most flattery, etc. Good luck.

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