Marvel, KA, or GE Drawer Fridge?

2LittleFishiesJuly 29, 2012

Which fridge drawers with custom panels? I'm looking at the below 3 and would love any feedback... or other suggestions...

Marvel 60RDEBBO

KitchenAid Architect Series II KDDO24RVX

GE Monogram ZIDI240BII


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Sub Zero
I think Perlick has that option also. Great quality from what I read.

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Be sure to read the post from the poster about "I would not put Fridge Drawers in again, they are a pain to open" (Parapharasing a bit)----but something to think about and at least see if they really are a pain to open.

I believe that post was in the Kitchen Threads.
(IF you can't find it , but want to read it, just holler and I will see if I can "Ferret It Out"!


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Yes, I saw that post about the drawers being hard to open also. Not sure what the problem was there, but the ones I tested seemed fine. I thought it was a pain to bend over and reach into an undercounter beverage refrigerator. To each his own.

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We have the KA fridge/freezer drawer and they are not a pain to open, I don't think. My 7 year old manages them just fine. We have custom panels and it integrates very well into our inset cabinets. At the suggestion of our cabinet guy, we put pulls (7" Top Knobs Weston) at the top of the drawers and we are glad we did (vs. putting them in the middle). The freezer drawer would be really low if you had to reach that far down to open it.

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Deciding between GE Monogram or Marvel...
Anyone have those and can talk to noise, etc..

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