captial culinarian manual clean cooling fan?

pkeithmJuly 7, 2013

Was it ever determined if the manual clean culinarian has a cooling fan like the self clean model does? In searching the archives I see conflicting answers.


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Why not call Capital or Trevor at Eurostoves and get a definitive answer?

I have the self-clean so couldn't tell you.

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I searched for the threads on the cooling fan but didn't find any. Why is the cooling necessary? I have it but I don't understand why it is needed. I was also wondering what is the trigger for it to turn on and off. I have only had it come on after the oven is off. Where is the fan and does it cool the whole oven cavity or just the door. Sorry if this has been answered before. Please just direct me to the other threads and I will read them.

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From what I understand it is there to cool the oven door lock on the self clean models (and maybe the associated electronics). It is most likely triggered by a temperature sensor in that area (the fan may also protect any electronics associated with the sensor). My reason for the posting above is to determine if this fan is also in the manual clean model (before I place my order, as it will influence what I order). If I could find a wiring diagram for the range, it may be easy to figure out what is going on.

Tom2013, do you have a self or manual clean model where you heard the fan?

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