BlueStar Door Issue

timwalker69July 10, 2013

So I have had my 48" for almost 5 yrs now and I still love it, but yesterday the door stuck such that it would not open(larger door on 48" Range). So I promptly notified BS and got a quick response back. They state they have changed the door hinge design and were offering a new door for $125 (their cost) vs $495 if we just needed to buy one. My question to them is that this is a safety issue. What if something in the oven had caught fire and you couldn't open the door to extinguish it. I will wait for an answer. So if you own a BS and haven't had the sticking problem yet and your oven is 3 or more years old, I advise writing to BS to let them know that you want your door replaced before it turns in to a real accident. here is a copy of the letter:

Would you be able to provide me a serial number for your unit? We have since changed hinges on our units and I have to be able to identify your unique unit. What is happening is the hinges are seizing from the power of the unit. We have since changed our manufacturers and have made the new style available to our customers. We are selling the entire door assembly for $125 (our cost) instead of the retail $495 to get our customer taken care of. The reason we are replacing the entire door with the new set of hinges is due to the fact that we have found in trying to pry open their oven door our customers are also bending the liner or panels. Also, this is a fairly simple "in home" fix. Each door comes with instructions of how to remove the original door and how to replace with the new one.

If you could please help me with your serial number I will be able to get you taken care of today. Let me know if you need anything else!

Thank you,

Jordyn deGlas
Customer and Sales Service Representative
1-800-449-8691 ext 2124

From: Tim [mailto:tw*******.net]
Sent: Tuesday, July 09, 2013 8:38 PM
To: sales-service
Subject: Door Problem

I have a 48" Range. The left side door doesn�t want to open. This is after cooking something and closing it, then needing to cook an additional time. The right side of the door seems ok, but the left side will not hinge out. The range is about 5 yo.

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Wow, I just posted about Blue Range and doors... had not seen your message until I hit "submit"

will be paying attention ;-)

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Sally, as it states from BS this issue, as far as I have heard from others on here, has been resolved by the new hinges, so a new range should not have this issue any longer. This posters range is 5+ years old.

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It's the older range, if you like the Blue Star I wouldn't let that stop you from getting one. It didn't stop me, I love mine, had it about 6 months, no issues at all. Best range I've ever used.

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Yes, I wouldn't expect it in the newer ones, but then again I don't know when this problem was rectified. I received a note from BS as to why everyone was not notified and the answer was that they didnt know who owned which ovens that would be affected, That is BS BS. That is what registration is for, I am just irritated that I have to pay to repair a problem that was their fault, even though they are discounting it. She also stated that the problem is caused from high temp cooking. I have used the broiler maybe twice and when it happened recently I was at 425, hardly excessive heat.


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Thank you.... that really helps me decide. I was going back and forth between Thermador and Blue Star, but now I am 99% into the BS

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This is a widely-reported and known issue with a clear fix that resulted in changes in later production models. This should, by any reasonable company, be covered by a recall; even if that recall applies only to units that suffer the issue and, thus, be an extra-warranty issue. I think that they haven't done this very simple thing, speaks volumes about the company.

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Now , let's be "fair and impartial" appinut.

You are familiar with the porcelain problems with the wolf ovens and ranges.

There has been no recall of those ovens.

It also IS a safety problem. Rhome got a porcelain shard stuck in her finger, and I doubt many folks would be too crazy about eating anything baked that is seasoned with porcelain shards.

I believe it is Wekick that has a Wolf range with porcelain flaking.

Wolf will not replace his oven, and I think "Wekick would be thrilled", if Wolf only wanted $125 to fix the porcelain> Ya Thinks?


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Huh? How is it "unfair" to expect a company to stand behind their products, especially regarding known manufacturing defects?

As for Wolf, I absolutely believe, and have stated quite clearly, that the company SHOULD replace ovens that suffer from the known porcelain issues. And my pre-purchase research showed that they had, for the most part, done that, even in out-of-warranty cases.

In the most recent Wolf porcelain mention here, which I assume is what you're referencing, where Wolf did NOT offer to do that, I posted regarding my disturbance with that occurrence, and was vocal in saying the consumer in question should NOT accept that outcome. My feelings are in no way brand-related.

Unless you mean in that as an owner of products from both brands--Wolf and Bluestar--I've got skin in the game, and therefore really WANT these companies to stand behind their products. Something that, solely in my very limited experience, Wolf has done, while Bluestar has not.

We had a Mitsibushi television, at least two years out of warranty, that suffered what looked to be basically a color failure, with everyone on screen blown out and rather neon. After doing some quick searches online I found this was a known issue called "collapsing light tunnel" not uncommon on this particular model. Ours hadn't occurred as early as many, thus being well out of warranty, but I decided to try and a call to the company, not really expecting much, BUT, without even my mentioning having seen the issue online, they offered a free fix, with no muss at all. It was their policy to provide gratis parts and labor to correct the issue with updated parts for ANYONE who called in, because it was a known defect corrected in later models. IMO, that's how a company should do business.

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I agree, that's how they should do business.

I missed your comment on Wekick's range sorry, but I was just looking at the content of this particular thread.

Course I wish you the best of luck with your Wolf, I know how much research you did, before buying it!


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My 48" BS is now 10 years old, with the old oven hinges. I too, had a problem with the sticking left sided oven door. I contacted BS, and received from them a plastic bottle of high temperature grease.
Applying the grease once a year to both hinges solved the problem, and has not ever recurred.
I'm very pleased with the range, and 10 yr. repair history consists of replacing two cracked ignitors.

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I'm the next customer to have a stuck door on my Blue Star range. My 48" double oven was bought in 2006. A year ago the right side oven door began to get harder and harder to open. Finally it reached the point where I was afraid I would wrench the handle and I gave up using that oven. (I have used this smaller oven about 95% of the time.)

I contacted Blue Star, and I wish I could say they have given me the kind of prompt assistance that some of the rest of you report. First thing to note: "Kacie" is no longer on this assignment (too nice?). In the preceding messages I see that other helpful Blue Star reps have also been mentioned and quoted. However, the new person to contact at Blue Star is John Ditizio ( My case was referred to him by Kacie, but I have yet to hear from him. I guess I would be happy to be offered a replacement door at cost, as reported in some previous posts.

But I am wondering if they intend to stonewall me--possibly just too many of these complaints are rolling in and they're not willing to be Mr. Nice Guy anymore. Any lawyers out there? What is their legal obligation to replace admittedly defective, potentially hazardous, products? As someone above observed, if this were an automotive failure, they would be calling in those products as fast as they can, if only to avoid lawsuits. I'd appreciate some input from others on this.

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Perhaps the excessive heat on the outside of the stove is the real problem with the hinges.

See post titled: "Oven door too hot? Agency facts and an easy test."

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