Funny Christmas Tree Story

swest2_gwDecember 19, 2011

My DH decorated the tree in the den. We have two dogs that spend a lot of time with him in the den. Our *youngest*, Jack, is a puppy. So to accommodate Jack the tree is only decorated two thirds of the way down because Jack thinks the bulbs are balls and wants to play with them. The tree is 12 feet high so the bottom 4 feet is bare. It looks really funny but Jack hasn't bothered the tree!

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I think that is nice and I'm sure it will be fun on Christmas morning when the "pups" open their presents under the tree

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Gotta love a dog (or cat) lover! I had to chuckle at the vision of a 12 FOOT tree with a 4 ft "bare bottom" that is a sight to see! Where's your camera when I need it? LOL

hugs, Karen

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Ahhhhhh....puppies, ya gotta' love 'em & 'baby' em! Your DH is a wise man! LOL! Enjoy your pup! Jeanne S.

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Cute story.. That large tree with lower 'one quarter bare'..sounds 'Unique' lol...but when it comes to do what works!
I always found it funny when 'The Tree' was brought into the house for the first time each year. Our dogs did
lots of sniffing and checking it out..lots of bewilderment too. It's like - 'Wow' they brought this in just for me! So when we chase them away, it's like - total shock and they become more determined to 'play' with it!


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with pets you just have to do what works, funny story! You could try putting only shatter proof ornaments on the bottom 4 feet with wire and blend them up into the tree :)


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