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hhwisemanJuly 22, 2014

Hello everyone,

We have a lot and builder. We have been looking at floor plans for a long time and know what we want and like. We're at the phase where we have to nail down all the details and have "our" plan drafted up.

Here's the stats -
Lot = 1.26 acres, square and flat with access from the north.
Target main floor square footage 2300-2400
(rambler/ranch style with unfinished basement)

Required rooms: 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms (we're expecting baby #6 in a month), plus great room, kitchen, one dining space large enough to fit a family of 8, laundry with space for 2 washer & 2 dryers and storage, and a den / playroom / homeschool room.

Our goal is to get the space we need with a layout that is functional for us, while staying in a tight budget. We're cutting costs by using basic or standard finishes inside in places aren't hard to update later (much later), if desired. We won't cut back on the quality of the structure (framing, insulation, etc.) or features that are not easily changed in the future. (I still want 9 foot ceilings in most areas of the house).

So, we have 2 house plans and we're trying to meld them together. Any ideas on doing that would be great.

This first one has the basic layout & location of rooms that we like, but it's too complicated (too many corners and bump outs) for our budget. We'd also need to add the den/playroom/homeschool room off the dining area in lieu of the 3rd car garage (only need 2).
(Sorry, I don't know how to get the original image to work, it keeps posting in black.)
Here's a link to the plan online: http://www.houseplans.com/plan/2293-square-feet-4-bedrooms-3-bathroom-traditional-house-plans-3-garage-25657

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to plan at houseplans.com

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So, here's a similar plan with a very basic layout and exterior design. It's similar to the first regarding number of bedrooms, and sq ft, etc. This kind of simple shape is what we need to stick close to. Our builder says we can have up to a 2 foot "bump out" on the main floor the hangs over the basement foundation and it won't affect our cost very much at all. So, it doesn't have to be an exact rectangle, but pretty close.

We would NOT keep that dining space at the entry, and wouldn't have the breezeway either.

I really like longer, narrower houses with tons of windows along the back. The back of our house will face south and we'd like to get some passive solar heat gain in the winter and avoid the blazing west sun in the summer.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to plan at sunplans.com

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Here's my attempt at combining the layout of plan #1 with the simple shape of plan #2.
It turned out 200 sq ft too big, but there are places where I can cut back.

The garage didn't fit on my sheet of paper, sorry.

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It's tough to tell because you really need to show the elevations as well. You really cannot properly design one without the other.

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I actually don't like the elevation for the first one at all, the style isn't compatible with the region where we live. The elevation for the 2nd one is very plain too.

The elevations can both be view at the links provided though.

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Have you thought about having Debra Rucker adapt the Sunplans house plan for you. I believe someone on GW did that, but I cannot remember who it was.

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