Bosch Fridge Nightmare - any advice?

noellabelleJuly 30, 2013

We have had a Bosch Linea Series B22CS50SN for less than 3 years, and it was working fine. Last month, the freezer was running a little warm, keeping most items frozen, besides popcicles and ice cream, and making ice slowly.

We contacted bosch, and they gave me a list of authorized repair places. I had one come out, he said it was fine, just cleaned in the back and charged $133.

The whole unit stopped working it seems as soon as he left. We had to throw out a lot of food, and shove what was salvageable in our small basement fridge.

They came out a 2nd time and said it was a circuit board, which the part would be covered by warranty (not the labor). They said the compressor was fine.

A week and a half later, they came to install the new circuit board, and that didn't fix it. He ordered a 2nd circuit board (he said there were 3 total).

They came out today to install the 2nd circuit board, and not surprisingly, it didn't fix anything. He said before he put it in that my new charges would be $230 for labor. He didn't mention the charges after he failed to fix it, and said he'd order the 3rd circuit board.

Tonight, I got a call from their receptionist (a terrible woman to work with this whole time), and she said that now it's the compressor, and it will be another $450 for labor, $650 for the part, and I still owe them $230.

I really distrust them. First, there are 2 compressors on my unit. Two different repairmen repeatedly said that the compressor was not the problem. It's been 3 weeks, and they've been bad with scheduling and not at all compassionate. I feel like they're really trying to rip me off, and there's no way I want to pay over a thousand dollars on a fridge that I don't even know would fix the problem.

Do I have any options or am I just screwed?

I tried to research the heck out of this purchase and buy a good quality fridge. I am sick of the thought of paying close to the purchase price to fix it less than 3 years after purchasing it.

It feels like they just keep charging and not fixing anything. My dh wonders if they just said it's the compressor so they can keep charging us labor, and even if we say no, they've still made almost $400 for not fixing it at all (and the fridge was working perfectly before they touched it).

Thanks for any advice you have!

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Well, this fridge has one compressor and two evaporators.

So don't let them charge you for two compressors.

Mr. Michael Traub is president and chief executive officer of Bosch Siemens Home Appliances North America. I would write him a letter of your ordeal and ask him if this is what Bosch customers can expect when they buy a Bosch Appliance. And see what resolution he(his office) proposes.

Michael Traub
BSH Home Appliances Corporation
1901 Main Street, Suite 600.
Irvine, CA 92614.

BTW Just as an FYI to people reading this the Bosch Linea freestanding refrigerators are made by Daewoo of Mexico from a Daewoo design. I think the only Bosch made part are the light bulbs. Bosch put their name on it so they have to back it with their warranty and reputation but not a Bosch design.

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Don't most refrigerators have a longer warranty on the compressor? If your fridge is only 3 years old, the compressor is likely still covered. In any case, I would probably not use this same company for that repair. Did they leave you your old parts or did they take the parts with them when they left?

I would do as deeagaux suggests and contact Bosch to see if they can intervene. You shouldn't have to pay for parts that you didn't need because the technician misdiagnosed the problem, but I sure don't know what recourse you have or how you can fight it on your own.

What a nightmare! Good luck.

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For standard fridges 1 year warranty is pretty standard.

High-end/built-in fridges have 3 plus year warranties with compressors-sealed system covered for 6-12 years.

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Have you paid them any labor charges yet or given them a credit card? If not I would let them keep going until they fix it (if they every do :-) and then "negotiate" the labor charges with them. I certainly wouldn't pay for any labor that didn't fix any thing. Frankly you can refuse to pay any bills they send you. Document everything especially the repairs that didn't fix anything. Yes they can send the bills to collection agencies if they choose to but you can tell them to f-off if you choose to and retaliate by reporting them to the BBB, etc. I hope you didn't sign anything after a repair that didn't fix anything. If you owe them money you have the leverage.

Years, ago my furnace had sporadic problems. The first repair team couldn't find anything but charged me for cleaning the furnace which I paid. It happened again - they couldn't find anything but didn't charge me. Then the furnace died for good - it was the gas valve - the third guy replaced it, claimed it was a new problem and wanted to charge me for both the part and labor. I refused to sign for the repair. They billed me for both the part and the labor - I called and told them I'd happily pay for the part but not the labor - they were thrilled with that. My point is: after you get all their bills - call them and tell them you'll pay the final labor charge which fixed the problem but none of the others - they may well agree.

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Thanks for the advice. I was planning on contacting bosch today, but I will write the ceo as well.... Thanks for that info.

I paid the first visit with a check. It had a place to sign, but they didn't ask me for my signature. When they were out here, they said that the part would be covered but not the labor. I was fine paying the labor if they actually fixed it, but it feels like they had no idea what was wrong and really benefit from not fixing but still charging.

I think the compressor warranty was one or two years. Electrical was five years.

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As a Bosch authorized servicer I am required to warranty my labor. I'm sure your servicer is also required to warranty their labor. Get Bosch involved and have them get their Field Service manager involved, You will get help from them.

Deeageaux. the B22CS is built by BSH in a BSH factory. It was the B20CS that was built by Daewoo.

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I contacted Bosch this morning, and they are submitting my case to their management, for either replacement or help with repair costs. I'm crossing my fingers for a replacement, as I would be really ecstatic to not have to work anymore with the appliance repair company.

jakvis, that's really good to know. If there's no negative consequence to them fixing things, it seems really badly skewed against the consumer. They had some good but lots of bad reviews online, mostly against their receptionist (which I totally agree with)...the techs were pleasant enough but ineffective.

I'll post an update when I hear back from Bosch.

Thanks again!

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Glad it's working out - much better to pay things like this with credit cards rather than check - much more leverage.

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I finally heard back from Bosch today, as it took awhile for them to tell me that they needed all the service records faxed from the appliance repair place.

Their offer is 50% off the compressor if I order it directly from them.

I am really leaning towards just getting a new fridge. Even if we save $200-300 on the cost of the compressor (the repair place quoted $650 and $450, but I was so surprised by their call I didn't remember which number was the part and what was the labor).

The repair place was actually not as bad to deal with when I called them to fax the records of what they replaced to bosch. The woman didn't seem to remember me, and she said in passing that they weren't charging me for the labor on the circuit boards, since they didn't fix the problem. When she called me before, she definitely said that I owed them that $.

But since I already paid $133, and I would be paying probably $700-800 for the compressor repair after Bosch's "help", plus then likely having to pay the $230 for past repairs if it is indeed the compressor and the problem is actually "fixed". I feel like spending $1000+ on a repair that I don't even know will fix the problem is a risky gamble. I think I'd rather just buy a cheaper fridge with an extended warranty.

I thought I was done with appliance shopping! Now I'm going to drive my kids nuts talking about refrigerators again! : )

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