2 master suites?

TheCatsMeowthJuly 23, 2012

I'm still in the early stages of designing my home and can't seem to decide on which floor to put my master bedroom on. The more I plan, the more I like having 2 master suites with each being suited for specific purposes. Has anyone else done this/seen this?

Reasons for 1st floor suite:

- No stairs in case of injury, pregnancy or any other physical condition that may arise

- Able to let dogs in and out easier (needed more for when they're older)

- Possible in law suite

- Seperation from older kids

Reasons for 2nd floor suite:

- Being close to young children (I'll have a small office/nursery right beside the 2nd floor master suite)

- More space for expanded master bath/closet

- Having a balcony/better view

- Preference generally tends to be 2nd floor, so better resale value

If I did go with 2 master suites, there would be several differences between them so that both were always being used ie no wasted rooms! The 1st floor room would be used mostly as the guest room/guest suite although if needed it could easily be used as a regular bedroom. The bath would be smaller with a walk in shower and no tub while the second story master suite would have the nice soaking tub in addition to the shower.

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Our master is on the second floor but none of the walls touch another bedrooms. The suite is the back of the house and kids bedrooms are in the front. I love this design because I have a 1 yr. old and a newborn so being close to them was important. But I still wanted a feeling of separation. I could have done first floor master but it would have cost more and resale around here would not bring me a definite return. I was able to have a much larger suite putting the master on the second and get my dream bath. We have a large bedroom 17x 13.6 on the first with a modest closet and shower bath. It will either act as a guest room or an office for me.

I would say to do the same if you aren't sure or if resale will be iffy.

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Sophie Wheeler

Having a large ensuite room on two floors can work really well if they are able to be multi-purpose. The large downstairs one can serve as an office/guest room/media room if the upper is the designated master. And the upstairs one can serve as a large playroom/teen study/guest suite if you prefer to occupy the downstairs room as the master. This generally works out best design wise if the upstairs master is over a garage area, but only if you take the time to properly insulate it. Most "bonus rooms" above garages are poorly done in that regard and remain uncomfortable spaces as a result.

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