Got a cute 'Dollie' celebrating the holidays this year??? Post!

jeannespinesDecember 13, 2011

Ok, anyone want to share their cute 'doll' for the Holidays! We're having a PARTY! A Christmas celebration!!! If you do, post here...we love lookin'! I'm adding punk & purplemoon's pics!

Purplemoon's Teegan goes sledding!

Teegan's Christmas dress & bunny booties:

punk's TJ .... Christmas duds! Can you sing along..."You are my special angel...sent from heaven above...."

My 'Dollbaby' ...dressed in my "over 55 yr old" tap- dancing outfit (made by my Mom) & my mom's costume pearls:

OK, come PARTY w/us!!! Teegan, TJ & Dollbaby!!!

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Teegan got her own little tree....which I already had, plus had tiny decorations for. I found the
mini Village house at GW, and the little Santa is actually a DT tree topper I got last year. So
she is all set for Christmas I think. Will see. LOL

Close-up of her Tree and Village House

hugs, Karen

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Jeanne, I love that outfit on Dollybaby! Adorable.

Karen, Teegan looks delighted with her new tree, village house and santa. So sweet. I still love her on the sled too.

I had redressed TJ in her Christmas dress but hadn't got that picture and table posted when I seen this post. BTW, things are moving pretty fast here for me these days. So I took her out of the high chair and thought I would set her on the old sled. Didn't work, her little legs don't spread that far, so sat her in front of it with some snowies and her bear.

Then I remembered seeing everyones neat ice skates. I ran to get a set I had painted but could only find one. Yes, one! The other one must be out in the shed. To cold to go hunt it down tonight so decided to share the one I found.LOL Placed it on top of the sled and here she is.

I have a couple of the kids little red wagon's that I will have to drag out and play with sometime. Dollbaby & Teegan, TJ's ready,"Let's Party".

Hope the others will join the party here.


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Oh, I love the new pics, Teegan & TJ! That little tree w/the mini ornies is so darn cute, PM! & a mini village house, too!

TJ sitting there is such a sweet all her snowbuddies! Yup, we're ready to party ...not iceskate tho...might be kind of tough w/just ONE! LOL! TFS! Jeanne S.

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What a fun post Jeanne...those 'Girly Girls' look so adorable all set to enjoy the holidays!
Love Teegan & Friends - sledding and the one of her in her Christmas outfit with cute booties too!
TJ's outfit is so festive...I think my DD had an outfit like that when she was little...I love her halo!
I commented on Dollbaby wearing 'Your' precious and Teegan with her own tree - too cute!

Punk TJ's new Christmas dress is beautiful! You've collected quite a few 'fancy' outfits for her. What a lucky Dolly !! lol
It's fun see what these doll babies are playing with ea time - or should I say their *('Momma's) playing!!

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Oh Punk, what a fantastic scene with TJ and the sled and her Snow Buddies. And the pretty ice skate is "icing on the cake". Love it all.
Her new dress is beautiful and she looks so pretty in it!!

Jeanne, thanks for starting this thread.
hugs, Karen

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This is a fun post and I'm sorry I'm tardy to the party, but Rosemary May is helping with the tree in the grandkids room. The Raggedy's under the tree were my oldest DD's and I made the reindeer basket many moons ago. The truck was a $1 GdWl find and is hauling a tree kind of similar to Jeanne's scene, but I think her truck has 3 trees.

She is actually wearing a pair of my childhood shoes, but the dress and hat are new TS finds for her. She is a walking doll, but just like mine; her mechanism is a bit stiff these days!!LOL

Merry Christmas,

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Awwww, a big sister (who WALKS!. Rosemary May looks like a good helper! I am so glad to meet her, she's darling!

The reindeer basket is really cute too. I think the old truck fits perfectly in the vignette, and the Raggedy's are full of sweet memories.

Teegan seems to want to hog this thread, sorry about that. But she got a "Santa" dress just for Christmas, and a new dolly!, and I had to share. This dress is velvet and soooo soft. (I can't get her to give up those bunny slippers tho, sigh)

hugs, Karen

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What a fun post! All of you "mommies" are certainly spoiling your little ones this Christmas. They all look so darling. Glad you are having fun with them. Luvs

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Well, not this year, but do any of you remember when Dreamgoddess posted her lovely dolls dressed for Christmas?

hugs, Karen

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Oh, I remember 'Dream' posting those beautiful dolls & that tree, isn't it gorgeous!

candy...welcome to your beautiful girl, Rosemary May & your DD's Raggedy's! Very cute vignette for those babies! Love the pines truck ($$$ bargain!) & the sled for your tree ...just CUTE! TFS!

Thanks jane & can join the 'party' anytime! Don't ya just LOVE Teegan's new Christmas dress!!
Jeanne S.

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