What's the difference: B+W vs Greyscale

Pooh BearApril 4, 2013

I scanned a page out of a book. The picture has a color picture on it.
Normally I have been converting pages to B+W for printing.
But the picture didn't convert very well.
After much cutting and pasting and other editing, I now have a
page that is half B+W, and the picture is greyscale.

My goal is to be able to print the entire page using a printer
that can only print in black and white. I have a color printer.
But I may not always have color ink for the printer.

I hope I'm making sense.
Is printing in greyscale the same as printing B+W?


Pooh Bear

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Pretty good explanation of grayscale. I don't print much but grayscale seems best on a laser for printing black and white.

Here is a link that might be useful: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grayscale

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Pooh Bear

That's a really good technical explanation.
I even understood a lot of it.
But there is theory, then there is practice......

So basically, the greyscale image I see on the computer screen,
if all I have is a black ink cartridge in the printer,
the image will look just like the greyscale image that's on screen.

Thanks for the info.

Pooh Bear

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My understanding and what works for me:

Text on a page (with nothing else) is true black/white

A "black and white" photo is indeed gray

A scan of a text page with a photo should be done in grayscale and should print fine.

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Pooh Bear

My problem was scanning pages that were yellowed with age.
To get rid of the yellow, I reduced the color depth to 2.
This cleans up the page very nicely, but then half the picture disappeared.
So after reducing the color depth to 2 to clean up the page,
I increased the color depth back to 24bit and pasted a greyscale
version of the picture back onto the page where it goes.
I'm working entirely with scans (.bmp) in Paint and Irfanview.
I haven't printed the page yet, but the print preview looks great.

Pooh Bear

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