Light in steam shower?

dianne47August 2, 2012

We're adding a master suite to our rustic mountain home, the footers were poured today. We ordered the Amerec steam generator, steam head, and control yesterday so the plumber can rough everything in with the unit already here. We chose Amerec due to the local dealer and support, the owner also provided our soft water system and is THE best supplier in our state.

I mentioned to him that lights for steam showers are so expensive and asked his advice. He said we can use any regular shower light as long as it has a NEOPRENE gasket. Before moving ahead on this I want to get opinions here, as I know there are several steam shower experts who contribute to the forum.

So, can I choose any shower light I like (want ORB finish if possible) as long as it has the right gasket? Or must I get a special light for the steam shower (at many times the cost)? I'm not interested in a sound or chroma light system, just a nice light.

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We, too, were appalled by the price of steam shower lights and were thinking about not putting one in. Our electrician said that he had a light that he swore would work in a steam shower. It was only $25 and we were skeptical, having read that steam can take the finish off fixtures and penetrate the workings of the light unless it has the proper vapor barrier. But we trusted him and told him to put it in, thinking that we weren't risking much. As you would expect given the price, it's a very plain jane light. We've only had the shower in working condition since May; that's not a very long trial.

I'm loathe to recommend it, but it might be an option. It would be good to have opinions from others with real expertise, however.

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