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mystic_2008April 15, 2012

I have many pictures on my cell phone that I would like to move to my computer. I was told to get a cord which I did and nothing happened. The cord did fit both the phone and computer, but nothing came up on my computer. I have phoned the cell phone company and talked to different people, they dont seem to know. Is there someone out there that can please help me????

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What's the phone and what's the operating system?

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Did you open Windows Explorer and look for the phone?

Right click Start, click Explore and a new window appears.
Look down the left side and you will see you C: drive listed and underneath you should see the phone listed as an external drive.

Here you'll have to use your judgement. If there is a plus sign beside the phone listing click that and the sub folders on the phone will show underneath. Click on each until you see you photos listed. Then you can copy them over to your computer.

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Your solution sounded very good, but did not work for me. I did right click on start and found explorer but there was no window under the C drive that said anything about phone being an external drive. My phone is a Virgin and I am on an XP. There was no phone listed at all.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

It might not be called the phone it could simply be listed as a drive letter, you can look at the list of drives before connecting the phone cable and then check again after you connect it you will see a new letter drive in the list that will be your phone. Double click it to view the content. Or right click and choose properties. If you see the pics you can drag and drop them to the pc.

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Also when you plug the phone in there might/should be a small pop up appear near the clock indicating it has been recognised.

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My computer
...I need to click on Computer (or MyComputer) to see the removable drives, when I open explore from the start button context menu.

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Some phones, particularly lower end, require software suites that include system drivers. A Google search or a visit to the manufacturer's website using model number might have a better insight as to what you need to do.

I have a three year old Nokia flip phone. I don't find myself that important that I need any cellphone, but my adult children insisted. They wanted to purchase me a smart phone with all the bells and whistles, but I assured them it was a waste of money.

I did find myself on occasion taking pictures of my five year old granddaughter when we were out somewhere. To make things as easy as possible to transfer pictures I purchased and installed a mini SD card. With the card slots in my system and printer desired use is so simple with the included adapter even I can do it.


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Does your phone have a micro memory card slot? Is so the little cards can be had for like $10. Then on the phone move the photos to the card then pop the card into a card reader for the computer which can also be had cheap. I have done it this way.

Another way is if you are on verizon you can send them from your phone to your email as text one by one. You just input your email address in the to field of the text. If you have a texting plan it goes under that and if not you are charged per text. I know you can do the same with at&t also. For me this worked better then fiddling with cords and trying yo get it to work. Mary

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Thank you all. You have given me some very good advice. I think what I will have to get is a cord as one did not come with my Virgin phone. Any suggestions as to what type of a cord I might need???? I did get a cord from Walmart that fit both the phone and my computer, but nothing came up on my computer as to where I could download my pictures.

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PKponder TX

My old Razor phone requires a cable and a software suite to even see the photos on my computer...just saying that it depends on the phone model what you will need to transfer photos. I like the text message idea!

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