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sugar_flApril 15, 2013

My son has a bible website. It is hard to find good free hosting. I paid for a site but he didn't like it.. said it was too slow.. I got a refund..

Now to get down to why I am writing. He had a hosting site called ooowebhosting he used it for quite awhile.
Suddenly a pop up came on saying his site was under review.
It said it would be done in a few hours..this was several days ago. He GOOGLED it & found quite a few sites. Some were WOT red..he went into one that was green & AVAST popped up VIRUS...he clicked out FAST. He did a MWB scan & came up clean. I hope he didn't get a virus. One site he went in said it had been on his for a LONG time. I wonder if because his site is bible related was he blocked.
My other concern did it give him a virus. I hope MWB is rite & he is clean.

This link is what what the site says about the review.

Here is a link that might be useful: hosting review

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It's quite possible that someone, not liking the content of his site, reported it as something malicious, and they are investigating all the responses to postings as well as the content of the site itself. There are all kinds of "anti" groups out there, so this is quite possible. Just be patient and maybe they will soon remove this.

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I do feel pretty sure that his site being religion Is why he is blocked..I do believe he is blocked. He is just going somewhere else & not take chances. Now days religion seems to be a bad word..we just have to try & keep going..we can't let them win.

I went in a site of complaints about the site (no avast warning)
Many have just had their site deleted with no warning & some didn't even have it backed up. David has his backed up on 2 thumb drives. He does it at least once a day. Since he is disabled he has spent MANY MANY hours working on it.
He lost one of his favorite webhosting sites but there are others. I'm including a link to his site in case some mite like to see it. If U do go it would be nice if U would sign his guestbook.

Here is a link that might be useful: David's web site

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Pooh Bear

I visited the site. I have Avast, WOT, MBAM, and SAS.
I got no pop ups warning me for anything.

Pooh Bear

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I just tried. Got no warnings, pop-ups, but got 404 and just advertisements for the web hosting site.

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But if one searches it can be seen that this is not a very reliable site. Lots of downtime seemingly and lethargic management perhaps.

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I would do a boot-time Avast scan to be sure.

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