Buying Miele induction from canada

lalitharJuly 18, 2011

Hi all,

You have probably seen posts from me on 24" induction cooktops. I just noticed that Miele Canada has a 24" induction in the exact config I want. Any advice on buying a canadian unit? Is there any UL certification type issue? I am not sure if this is new product.. if so is it a matter of time before it is introduced in US?

I was all set to buy a Kuppersbusch and then they pulled out of the US market. I am still exploring picking up a Gagg from Europe. Have a couple of leads there (either shipped from a kitchen design firm in UK or buying it myself on a likely business trip to Germany)

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele 24

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Electrical is the same in the US and Canada. The Miele (and the AEG-Electrolux) will work. Anything that uses electricity will work.

The Gagg from Europe will work here too, but its diagrams will not show the same description as a description made for US (or Canadian) electricity. No big deal. One participant ( plllog ) already posted about this, from first hand experience.

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Well I called a couple of retailers and the story is that while I can order online, the delivery has to be in Canada and is handled by miele.. No shipping to ca. I am bummed as I was going to combine with Miele 15" wok burner(27K btu).


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Miele in Canada handles all the after sales service. They deliver, install, service. Retailer are merely order takers for Miele.

Referred to in Canada as Forever Care (a unique concept in the appliance industry).

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele Forever Care - Canada

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Brandt TI17B looks interesting.

Here is a French internet seller of popular priced 60cm induction units. Perhaps you could pick up a unit you like somewhere while you are in Germany and get the VAT rebated later. Then once Miele starts selling what you want in the US, replace it.

Mouse to "Cuisson" button in top row (under the "Bathing Beauty") then go to top of right column click on "Induction table". Five pages of stuff.

Here is a link that might be useful: maismoinscher

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