sneak peak - master bath nearly done!

jrueterAugust 6, 2014

I can't stand waiting until the shower glass, touch up paint and accessorizing are done. I am over the moon with my new bathroom and want to share!



We took showers this morning and we love the pebbles on the floor! DH is thrilled with the multiple shower heads and the grab bar and bench hidden behind the pony wall as he is an avid runner and occasionally gets minor pulls and aches!

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Oh that is such a classy look. It is elegant and comfy at the same time. When you get a chance you will have to list your fixtures and other elements in the room. Beautifully done. Thanks for posting.

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Gorgeous! So spa like.

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Just a wee but different, huh? :). Nice looking bathroom!

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Enduring, thank you. I definitely plan on listing everything with the final "reveal". I learned so much on this site it is only fair to give back too.

Cat_mom, yes! The poor contractor kept looking at me like I was nuts when I described things, but in the end realized I know what I like and I had done my homework. And he did a great job giving me what I asked for!

Ellendi, it definitely is a restful space. Thank you.

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Yesterday I only looked at your post on my iPhone, now that i can see it "full sized" I am even more in love with it :)

GW really is helpful for us isn't it! I have a friend who is almost done with her new build and I recommended, on multiple occasions, she visit the kitchen forum. She did not. Apparently her idea of a job well done is one that is completed as budgeted and on time. Well, she now has a hugely expensive house with a kitchen that has 17" between her fridge, and the bar that is across the aisle from the front of her fridge. I don't know if that space is with the door open or closed. It almost doesn't matter. The space will function like a camper, in this huge expensive space. She said something like "I knew he should have moved the fridge down the counter!" His solution was to buy a counter depth fridge. She will not, because it is too expensive. When I heard this, I felt sick. Good for you for sticking to your vision and thank goodness you had a great guy to help you bring it to fruition.

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Everything looks great. But the shower, oh my, looks amazing. Once you have a vision of what you want you really need to stick to it. Some contractors/subs may try to talk you out of it but I'm glad you kept yours and are so happy with it. It's so nice!

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It looks great. The colors are very nice. I like the wainscoting on the walls. Is it tile or something else?

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The wainscot is tongue and groove planks - this is just the white primer, but they are getting painted white, so the look will be the same. This was one of the design things my contractor initially didn't understand - the horizontal install. He had always seen it vertically installed. Once I showed him a few pictures he caught on!

Yes, he is a gem (why I got references from three neighbors who used him for a combined total of 2 kitchen and 4 bathroom remodels with unequivocal praise for his work)

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Love the horizontal tongue and groove! Can't wait to see the final!

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Jrueter, it's beautiful! I love the pebble tile, I bet it's like a mini massage on your feet. Well done!

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Very pretty!

On the wall with the shower head/valves, can you tell me if that's a bullnose trim meeting the drywall or did he cut thin strips to cover the edge? It looks nicely finished. We're redoing our small MBA later in the year and I'm trying to decide on how to end the tile :)

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alex - they cut thin strips of the field tile then rounded the cut edges of all the tile using a grinder. Since it is porcelain, rather than real marble, if you look closely you can see that the interior of the tile is slightly different than the surface. It looks like the grout so it blends well.
Our other option was to use a half-inch liner, but there wasn't a matching one in the porcelain, and the real marble ones didn't match very well either. Too dark, too light, too blue....

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Amazing transformation! Love the wainscot! Can you provide some details on the vanities? I love the finish and the overall feel they create. Thanks for sharing and enjoy!

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Yeah, the pebbly floor is awesome. Much more interesting to step on - as well as look at - than routine square tiles or prefab shower pan.

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Here is the final product, and all the details:

Here is a link that might be useful: Coastal Master Bath Reveal

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