Door stop for glass shower door

RChicagoAugust 1, 2013


Our shower glass has been installed and I'm not loving the architect right now. When the door opens inward, it hits a shower head. When it opens outward, the door hits a metal hook. I'm concerned about breaking the glass.

Can I install a standard metal/plastic door stop on the wall with the hook?

And is there anything to be done about the contact with the shower head? At least, we went with Kohler Flipside shower heads and they're plastic, not metal.

Thanks so much in advance for all suggestions!

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Nothing available that I am aware of aside from rigging something for either instance. I would be very concerned about the glass shattering from repeated contact with anything metal. Have you discussed your concerns with the architect and what he was thinking? Have you asked your shower door installer what he was thinking and why he did not let you know there were going to be issues with the layout? A good installer would have recognized this and advised you it was not a good idea.

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Can you remove the metal hook on the outside? That seems to be easier than dealing with a shower head.

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Thanks for the feedback. This whole job has been a headache, so this isn't surprising. In addition to an architect designing the bath and a GC managing it, two different glass companies provided feedback on the glass installation/design, and no one said anything about the door.

Our GC is suggesting applying a small plastic disk to to the hook, but I'm thinking removing it is the best bet, even though we'll now have no place to set our towels within reach of the shower.

In other news, the 1/2" shower glass is bowing. It's half inch glass and the bend in the glass is visible. Everyone's saying no big deal and nothing can be done (they broke the first pane of glass, and have tiled this one in, so no one wants to do anything about it). We're wondering why we should pay full price for bowed glass. I've done an internet search, and can't find much about bowing glass, so if anyone has any thoughts, it'd be appreciated.

We're at about 100 days for a single bathroom and it's still not done. GC quote was 45 days.

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