iphone 4s, 16gb

ellie45April 25, 2012

I will buy this phone and would like comments about the extras that I should get like the Applecare insurance.

I will use it with Sprint.

Any suggestions in general that will help me adapt to it? I have not bought a personal cell in 7years.

Thank you.

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See my post of Sunday Dec 25, 2011--
OT: For Potential Future Cell Phone Users

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If you haven't bought a new cell phone in 7 years, you have a learning curve to negotiate. Amazing what these smart phones can do. There are any number of sites with suggestions for apps to use. Just Google for "must have" apps for your new phone.

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mxyplx, I wasn't ready for that. You got me there. I have already written on other site about noise pollution and mostly dumb women in stores and cars AND bathrooms using their cell phone so I agree with all that you have spoofed. It's a mood changer as you know.

grandms, you are right and since I need a digital camera and video and can get the phone for $200. before monthly charges as I am a Sprint customer with the old buddy plan I think the time is right.I guess I need to know what not to buy.

So, no one knows about AppleCare or has any suggestions. I might me on the wrong site here or should look for magazine articles. Everyone likes Adroid and I have a boss that wants the 4s and I have written before how I have stalled.

I saw the site about the favorite apps.
I was hoping for some out of the box experiences that I should expect. Also, what to do if I lose it or have problems with it. Can I take a class from Apple to learn it well enough to support my boss. I am having some learning difficulties and seek help where it is easily available. Thanks.

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If I had an Apple. . . hmmm. Sorry, but my phone is an Android, but I did not spring for any sort of warranty plan on it. Just not sure what Apple offers with AppleCare, so I can't be of any help there.

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I don't know anyone who is displeased with their iPhone. If you've used an iPod Touch or iPad, you'll be completely familiar with the interface. If you haven't used one of those devices, the learning curve is pretty mild. I don't know anyone who hasn't picked up on an figured out who to use the device in short order, including a kid with Down's Syndrome.

In terms a warranty the standard warranty should be sufficient for the device itself. The only thing you have to worry about is accidental damage. Both the screen and back of an iPhone is glass and WILL break if the phone hits the ground with sufficient force. Only you can decide if the $99 is worth the investment (plus $49 per incident of accidental damage). A replacement iPhone is something like $500+.

As for apps, what happens for most people is that download a bunch of apps but end up using a only a handful on a regular basis. There are lists of "essentials" but it's really a very individual choice.

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Mike, thanks for respecting the question. I am greatful for the advice you gave me on the glass. That will certainly make me spend the $99.

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