Closet island to ceiling and mudroom shoe storage?

dreambuilderJuly 8, 2012

I have never seen a closet island that goes to the ceiling? I want to do 12 drawers on the bottom (6 per side of the island) and then do hanging space to the ceiling. Aside from obstructing the view--why is this not done? Seems like a waste of space to not use the space above the island?

Also, I'm thinking of doing a HUGE mudroom walk-in closet (apx 15x15) storing all of my families shoes so we aren't tracking dirt/mud/germs throughout the house....any thoughts on that or success with a similar plan? Thanks!

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If you can fit an island, you don't usually need any more space. The island surface is a nice surface to have. When you pack for a trip, the suitcase goes on the island. When you bring clothes from the laundry, you put them on the island. We fold clothes and put them on the island before putting them away.

I think most people put all the shoes in a mudroom ... without a walk-in closet. We have an area for the shoes in the mudroom and they all go there. It isn't a walk-in closet - it is more like an expanded hallway

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To me 15 x 15 IS a room--would be your mudroom. Will you have 2? Okay then. But, it would be odd to call that a closet.

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I should have been more clear--it will be a walk-in closet off the rear/garage entry--we live in North country so we have a ton of coats/boots/snowpants/ in addition to all the shoes for the family it will have the cold weather gear, coats/jackets, sports equipment for kids, swim gear, rain gear, scarves/mittens/etc....I'd like it large enough so that it can have an island in the middle--similar to what a walk-in closet would look like for a master. David good point on space to put a laundry basket/etc...

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My floorplan has a closet off the mudroom. It isn't huge, but we do plan on having a section of it for shoe storage so we aren't hauling shoes up and down the stairs anymore. My husband and I are quasi-minimalists, so we certainly wouldn't know what to do with a 15' x 15' shoe closet! Currently all of my shoes fit on a 18" wide floor-to-ceiling section of closet, and my husband's take up slightly less space.

The rest of the mudroom closet will be for hockey gear, coats, snow gear, etc. (We also live up north, in Minnesota.) An island in the mudroom would be great if you have the space!

I wish we could have an island space in the master closet, specifically for packing/unpacking suitcases. My husband travels about 1 night per week for work, so his suitcase basically lives on the bedroom floor in between trips. I am sick of tripping over it!

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dreambuilder - you may get more responses/suggestions if you post some images of your floor plan.

Regarding the mudroom closet, personally I'd love a large walk-in closet of my mudroom closet, but it was cut out during the planning process as we narrowed down our build to fit in our budget. That said, I think 15x15 might be a bit too large. Likely a long but narrow option will be a better use of space, perhaps 8x10? Then you don't have all that lost space in the middle.

As for your master closet, I think it would feel dark and cramped if you had hanging space above the island. I'm sure there is a way to do it, however I expect there is a reason it isn't done! :)

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