Christmas Candy Cane table

christmascandyDecember 7, 2011

I used some of the deocr from my church table to set the table in the sun room.

The set of 4 Santa plates came from GoodWill, 42c ea. with my senior discount. They are Sakura, and there are 4 different Santas.

The little tree is a battery operated fiber optic.

This shows the tablecloth a bit better than the other table.

The chargers, red rimmed plates, glasses, napkins, tablecloth, red candlestick holding one of the trees, and the urn holding another tree are all TS. I painted the urn red and glued on the glitter. The 4 little bowls with different sayings, glass hurricanes and the candy cane striped ball candles are also TS. The ribbons I have used for the napkin rings and the bows on the candleholders were from rolls I bought after Christmas for 90% off.

Happy Holidays,


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The Thrift Queen has struck again! Your finds and the prices you pay always have my jaw dropping to the floor.

The candy cane trees are sooooo neat! (you are going to have me adding them to my eBay hunt list next year, LOL) Those cute plates are perfect with them too.

hugs, Karen

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Candy, How festive!! I really like those trees and the Santa plates. It makes me happy to look at this table.

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Candy, love your pretty candy cane table. The bowls with the sayings really caught my eye. They are perfect with the cute plates, trees, napkins, candles and everything on this table.

Again, great idea for the tc. So creative.


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Too cute !!!! Love it cleaver with the table cloth !!!!

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Marlene Kindred

I cannot believe how lucky you are at finding such beautiful things at the TS!! the Santa plates, the peppermint swirl trees, the charger, etc! The tablecloth is just too cool!!

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Such 'cutie' Santa plates & those bowls are precious! A very festive & 'fun' peppermint table! Santa will probably be poppin' in soon! TFS, candy! Jeanne S.
(your are the 'Thrift Queen!')

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Thanks everybody. I use a lot of candy cane/peppermint decor in my kitchen so this was a lot of fun to put together. I couldn't believe I found those plates and at that price. I guess it all depends on who prices things that day because sometimes the price is HIGHER than the original store price sticker still on the item!! Whats up with that???

It was a challenge to figure out how to cut the white swirls to make them even with the red that I left uncovered to create the candy effect! The round red tablecloth was $2.12 and the white sheet I cut up was $1.41 so it was a pretty inexpensive tablecloth to make.

I think the fact that I take my time and move things around helps me uncover some of my fab TS finds. Often the pieces are under something else or like the ball candles, in different places. I search and find the mates, and then put things together.

The red/white cone trees were only on the very top overshelf at Hob. Lob. If I hadn't looked up, I'd never have seen them as there weren't any down where shoppers could actually reach them.

Anyway, it does make me smile to look at this table.


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Yikes! Yes, that t'cloth would have been a's certainly looks like a 'peppermint!' Way to go!

I've also found at GWill & such that is I keep searching I may find the matching cup or saucer somewhere else in the store! Same at thrift shops...but lots of times, the items are displayed tog. You are a bargain Queen, candy! Your table makes me smile, too! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, sometimes I can find the match and sometimes I find it much later at a completely different store. Just gives me and excuse to keep looking, LOL

I used to shop for clothes, but now I'm more interested in what unique piece I can find at a thrift store, LOL
Maybe because I don't quite have the cute figure I once did??? Truth hurts sometimes don'tcha know!!

Thanks, the tablcloth worked out for what I was trying to achieve.

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