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limom_2btsAugust 11, 2013

We're just having a simple reno of the family/main bathroom done. I was finally able to commit to a tub surround tile (subway), a floor tile, vanity, faucets etc. Now I'm looking for a new light fixture and I got stuck on design. Here's my problem (which might not even BE a problem...maybe I'm just tired): the sink faucets I bought have a round bottom for the handles/faucet and the light fixture I like (after looking at hundreds) has a square base for the up-light glass insets. Is that acceptable or do those "bases" need to match? Would anyone, besides me, even notice? The finishes would be the same and the light fixture would be above the medicine cabinet. Opinions, please!!?

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Oh, maybe it would be nice to match, but not necessarily. I think it depends on the styles. Do you have pictures you could post? I have some round things and some square things. Most of my bases of fixtures have square bottoms. My light fixture will be square too. But my drains will be round, my shower controllers will be round. All have a similar feel, which is contemporary. I personally don't like EVERYTHING to be matched. I can see perfectly matched working well in a very small place with not much going on; maybe it would be important that all elements be fitted perfectly in a pattern or style. But I'm just guessing. If there are other things going on, I like the variety that changes of shape can bring. And you're right about you might be the only one who notices, and if others notice, big deal.

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I can't say that I've ever walked into someone else's bathroom, looked at the faucets, cocked my eye up to the light fixture and done the analysis to see if I think they "matched." So I doubt you'll have people snickering behind your back at your design faux pas.

That said, the styles in general should blend well. You don't want a victorian faucet and a modern light fixture, even if they've both got round bases.

So if you're now well-rested but still second-guessing yourself, do what enduring suggested and post photos here so we can reassure (or correct) you.

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I actually do the opposite. I try to mix curves with straight lines in my rooms. I find it more balanced. If you love the light fixture, then use it and enjoy it.

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Thanks, all. I feel better and will just go with what I like. Light fixture and faucet/handles will be of similar style (transitional) and finish so I think it will be just fine!
I appreciate the feedback!

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But you have to promise to post pictures when you're done, you've got us curious :)

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