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slinkeyDecember 21, 2011

I took these pictures several days ago but haven't had a chance to post them until now.

Here's the little TV cabinet with some of my 'snow people'..

I covered up the 'cow' picture above with a Santa Plaque.

Across from the TV cabinet is the small table with the old cash register and some more Snow People..

This Woodland Stanta was a gift from a child in my class yrs ago.

These bear boxes were a Christmas gift yrs ago...I have a large collection of bears but haven't displayed them in awhile.

Front door entry ...

I'll add more pictures in another post.

Thanks for looking.


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The front entry is stunning, however, the Santa plaque over the cow picture is my favorite!
All your snow people are quite adorable, but the bear boxes are absolutely darling!!
The woodland Santa was a very thoughtful gift.

I'm glad you got the chance to post these as I thoroughly enjoyed them.


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TFS more pics, jane! Love seeing them!

Your entry is gorgeous, as ever! Love the simple wreath on your door ...but most of all, the entry table & mirror. The mercury glass & cloches of ornies are so pretty ...& beautiful arrangement in the pottery bowl!

I've never seen 'bear boxes' before...those are adorable And what a great way to 'hide' your cow print w/o taking it down! Cute snowies on your tv cabinet, too! Very festive & cheerful & ready for Winter! Merry Christmas, Jane! Jeanne S.

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Love all your "snowies" in the glass jars, makes them each look so pretty and special. Do you ever use the old lamp, or is it just decorative? I have a couple of those I brought home from DH's Grandmother's house. Where I grew up on the farm, we kept some filled with kerosene in case the electricity went out. I love that there is such a big variety of shapes and sizes of them. How are you feeling? Getting rested up a bit? Hope your Dad is all better too. Merry Christmas. Luvs

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Thank you Ladies...

Candy I've received so many lovely gifts throughout the years from children in my class.
When I take them out each year it's nice remembering the child from their gift. I'm sure some of them have children of their own by now!!

Jeanne...the 'simple wreath' on the door is one of my favorites. I made it from the vines on our property. I have several that I use both inside and out.

Luvs...yes, we use those old oil lamps and they do come in handy when there's a power the one we had recently! I have a nice collection of both glass and nickel plated ones. How wonderful that you have some from your DH's grandmother's home..btw I envy that you grew up on a farm...that was a dream of mine when I was a little girl!!

I'm feeling much better thanks...I do find myself running out of steam alot and having to rest more during the day...but then I find I'm up late at night - like now! lol
My Dad has slowed down some..but determined as ever to do everything himself.
Merry Christmas to you and your family and Blessings In the New Year ...
Merry Christmas to everyone on Holiday!!


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Jane, guess I missed this post with my busy schedule. Everything is beautiful. Bear boxes are to cute. Your little santa in the cloche is darling. The entry table, stunning!


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I am FAR behind on posts! Jane it all looks wonderful, and I'm loving those Bear Boxes! Cloches are my favorite decorating 'thing', so sure enjoyed seeing yours.

hugs, Karen

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