Help! Everyone is trying to talk me out of marble mosiac floor!

vitaminjdAugust 8, 2012

I have chosen a polished mini versailles pattern bianco marble mosiac tile for my bathroom floor but everyone I talk to about it says it's a terrible idea. Now, none of these people have actually had marble tiles themselves, they are just speaking based on what they've heard. I know that it will require sealing but it is my understanding that this is a fairly easy DIY project and I'm okay with that. I have no children and no pets (this won't change) and my husband and I will have separate bathrooms so there's really only me using it. Am I crazy for thinking these tiles will be fine?

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I don't know all the little details pertaining to marble but you need to go with what makes you happy! What exactly are the tile people telling you will happen? I wasn't big on marble until I started thinking about redoing my master bath. I somehow fell in love with the look of marble. It's so timeless and classic.

Remember, it's your space/bathroom. You pick what YOU like! If I would have picked what everyone else liked and recommended for my kitchen remodel then I would have gotten a basic, overused look.

Have fun! Post some pics when you're done :)

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Sophie Wheeler

Get a sample, seal it, and then experiment with various bathroom products. Some things WILL etch it, and you need to be sure you are OK with that reality. And you've got to be vigilant about keeping it sealed. If you aren't, there are a lot of bath products that will stain it like makeup, liquid soap, mouthwash, conditioners, hair gels and hard water. And urine. Urine will etch marble and stain it as well. That means that either your hubby uses the other bath exclusively, or you keep a rug around the toilet, or he sits. There has never been a guy who has as good of an aim as he thinks he does and drops can fly pretty far. That makes a rug the riskier choice. But good luck banishing him or getting him to agree to sit. It's kind of a primeval territory claiming thing to "miss" I think.

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What I did was buy a sample of what I was considering and placed it in the area in our current bathroom where it would be in our future bathroom. I wanted a Carrera counter so I put a tile on the counter, but you could put yours on the floor. And live with it that way for a month or so.

That should give you an accurate representation of if you and your habits would make short work of destroying the marble, or if you are the type to not enjoy "patina".

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