Old World Santa Vignette on Porch Table

jeannespinesDecember 7, 2012

Changed up my porch table centerpc this yr ... I'm trying a new 'Woodland' vignette. Last yr I tried this Santa & this pine tree in a windowbox/window ...but then I struggled on where to hang it on the porch ...I wanted the snowy outside to come thru the window! NILCH...didn't happen!!!

So I came up with this idea of using an 'old window' on my white table on the porch! Here's the Old World Snowman (on sale after Christmas) & a burlap wrapped pine tree:

Plus a cool tree that looks kind pine-coney like ... another after-Christmas sale item...here's a closer view of Santa (& I learned today that these Old World Santa's are also called 'Belsnickle' (German):

On the 3rd pane of the window, I added another pine tree plus this brass rocking horse & sparkly Santa (both thrift shop finds):

And here's a couple of views of how it looks on the table ...added some faux snow ...& there's no snow 'outside' as you can see (yet)!

Will probably be 'tweaking' some more as I empty totes...working at it a little each day ... hey, 18 days til Christmas! TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

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Great idea.
It looks wonderful, Jeanne.
Are you wishing for snow for Christmas?

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That is wonderful! Love the little rocking horse. It makes the scene unique.

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Jeanne, I thought it was neat last year but I
do like this better I think. I will have to
go back after the Holidays and find it. Are
all of these trees new? Adding snow on the
window panes.WOW


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Good idea. The window pane will also help keep the faux snow corralled and easier to clean up.

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Each Christmas I find myself going more and more woodsy, burlap, old world and you dear Jeanne have been one of my main inspirations .... Pinterest helps also lol. I just love how you combine the rustic elements together in your different vignettes - TFS .....


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Lovely setting Jeanne with your Old World Santas and those
trees. Very peaceful looking.
I think we have the same brass rocking horse. I found
mine in a TS a few yrs back.. Didn't take it out this
yr tho, in fact I didn't do much this yr, so it's nice
to see what you and everyone else is doing.

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Thank you, Holiday-ers, for commenting ... it is fun to be able to share & get ideas on this forum with so many friends...lynnec, thanks for the compliment.

punk ... I had one pine tree & then bought another after Christmas at a specialty consignment store (love that place) when it was marked down 50% & the one that looks like a pine cone I got thrift shopping @after Christmas sales, too.

Still working at it...have a good weekend, Holiday-ers! Jeanne S.

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Beautiful Jeanne.
I always love your incorperation of nature into your decor.
The little trees are very uniqueand I like the idea of corraling the snow for easy clean up.

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Using that little window as a base for your Woodland vignette is really a delightful idea. (can't believe your weather this year compared to last. Tho things still apparently crazy with the Weather Gods. Its been 80 here, should be low 70 or high 60's. Maybe this coming week.)

I really enjoy your decor more than you'll ever know...and your yard and your house. LOL. I want to come live there!!
hugs, Karen

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Ohhhhh...it's snowing this morning! (our first snow for the season) ... thanks, Holiday-ers, for commenting...enjoyed! Here...looks better now w/a little 'white stuff' outside! LOL! Enjoy your day! Jeanne S.

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