Can't import pictures from camera to PC

love2sewApril 26, 2014

My friend recently changed my laptop from Windows 8 to Windows 7 Premium Home. What a relief to be rid of Windows 8...I just hated it!

I had to download a driver to get my printer working. Now I am unable to import my pictures from my Cannon PowerShot SX150 IS. Is there something I need to download for this feature to work.

Your help is always appreciated.

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How are you trying to transfer the pics? I've found the best way is just to insert the memory card from the camera into the laptop's card reader. I've never needed to download extra software or drives.

Try reading this for more info...

Here is a link that might be useful: How To...

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With your camera connected to the laptop, you should be able to "read" it's content just like your C:\ drive or any USB drive. You could then drag/drop the pics wherever you wanted to put them. Did it used to work with Win 8 but not now? If yes, there might be a driver fix to automagically make this work in Win 7 but good luck finding one. Not everyone bends over backwards to make their devices backwards compatible.

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Azinoh - when I plug in my camera USB cord - nothing comes up. It is like some piece of hardware is missing. It worked fine with Windows 8.

shaxhome- I don't see a memory card slot on my Toshiba Notebook. It is 8 months old.

Any more suggestions?

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Do you know how to launch WINDOWS EXPLORER?
Can you see COMPUTER? click it
Can you see the list of drives example c:\ d:\ etc?
If your camera is connected, it should show up in the list ..probably with the name CANON so you can't mistake it for anything else. Find it and click on it. It should expand showing pics listed as filenames, probably each with similar letters and individual numbers. You should then be able to drag/drop those files to your hard drive. You could then rename them if desired.

If none of this is familiar to you, you need to look on Youtube for videos on how to locate files/folders using WINDOWS EXPLORER and the SEARCH functions. There are dozens of them.

Just because it worked on Win 8 does NOT mean it's supposed to work the same on Win 7. That's one of the downsides of making this change.

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If you have no card reader port on the computer you can buy a card reader with a USB connection for $8

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Maybe try another USB port if you have one? Did you reboot? (I know... I know... I hate that answer, but it is MSoft afterall... some things never change).
Rather than USB, I always preferred to slip the card out and put it in the reader slot.

That is, until I got an EYE-FI card. It is awesome. It is a special SD-card for your camera and software for your PC that uploads your camera pics to your pc AUTOMATICALLY. That's right. You don't have to connect a THING!!! Not all cameras are compatible with it, but my Canon S260 was. You have to have a local wifi of course.

I just went to look at and things seem to have changed quite a bit since I got mine. Now it is mobile, cloud and multiple device centric. I'm sure that's very versatile, but that's not my experience. I have the X2 card that simply transfers from camera to pc. I'm sure the new cloud-friendly cards can do that simple task too.

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Azinoh, I have friends that can help me with Windows Explorer search.

Owbist, I plan to check into a card reader. I really like this simple solution.

You have all be so helpful coming to my aid and I thank you. I will let you all know of my outcome.

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After you connected the USB cable from the camera to the computer, you did turn the camera on - right? And the batterry had enough charge.

I have the same setup except on a desktop:

Windows 7 professional, Canon PowersShot SX50 HS.

A hint: Instead of turning on the camera with the ON/OFF power button, press the review button. Its to the right of the viewfinder window. This powers up the camera for viewing images on the card without activating the lens and auto-focusing stuff - saves battery power.

Next on you computer, click (or double click depending on you settings) on "Computer". This should bring a panel showing all your hard drives, USB ports and the camera. Click on the camera to open a panel showing the folders or files on the SD card. Navigate down to the folder with the desired images; also arrange to have open the folder where you wish to copy the images to.

You can right-click and hold down on a file to drag it to the "to" panel. release the mosue button. a small pop-up menu appears - choose copy here. Careful: Do not choose "move to here". That will make a copy in the "to" panel and delete the file in the camera.

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I purchased my card reader for $12. CDN and it works perfect. You are all such smart people. Thanks again.

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