Firefox keeps crashing

thirdfrtApril 14, 2013

I have windows 7 and my browser is Firefox 20.0.1 which is the current update. Lately Firefox crashes but I can get it back. I have no idea why this is happening. Any ideas?

Also while I am in Firefox a popup (which goes behind the page I am on) from MSN Survey comes up. I have adblock plus but it keeps coming up anyway. I don't understand why I am getting a MSN Survey. MSN is my homepage and has been for years, this is the first time I have gotten one of these Surveys that keeps coming back. These two things happen while I am in Firefox. That is why I posted these two problems since they both relate to Firefox.

I have run Malwarebytes and nothing shows up as Malware.

I would appreciate some help with much thanks in advance.


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Firefox is one of the easiest programs to uninstall ,,, download & reinstall.

Microsoft is always sending me surveys and survey popups on their web pages,,, and usually I think there is an opt out of future sends and pops link. I take their surveys as they often give me gift certificates to or offer other free softwares like windows8 or office for doing them.

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Mikie, is that true? I have never been offered anything for filling out a survey. So annoying!


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Microsoft has paid part of my last couple purchases at amazon. I hadn't bought any amazon in quite a while and the Microsoft credits built up pretty good. I forget exacgtly but... You cant just spend partial credits without actually buying and paying for something with a credit card.. so you always have to kind of spend something more than your credit balance before you can use the 'gift certificates' ... kind of strange the way amazon works.

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I think I may have discovered the problem with Fire-fox. I went in to options and set it to "when Fire-fox starts show my home page". It was on "show my win-dows and tabs from last time". After I made that change back Fire-fox stopped acting up. I don't know how it got changed but, I will see if it continues to work normally.


When I put my mouse on down-load a little box pops up from social servey panel . org wanting me to do a servey to win-- an-- i--pad etc. When I put my mouse over servey a little box pops up from in box dollars . com. to win-- something.

In all the time that I have been on this forum I have never seen anything like that attached to a link. Did you know that those things were there? Since I saw those I will not be clicking on either link. I'm sorry mikie I don't believe that this is your fault and I am wondering what is going on here? Please check this out and let me know what you have found. This is very strange I have misspelled words and put dashes on words on purpose so that they won't show up in blue to be able to click on here, so it isn't just you Mikie that it is doing this too. Everything that is highlighted in blue when I put my mouse over it shows up. Thanks everyone for your feedback, I really appreciate it.


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Hmm I have never gotten asked about serveys when visitng MS pages. I do belong to pinecone research. I get $3 a survey and if it's a lengthy one I get $10 and sometimes they will send you a small product to test. Only way to sign up is if a current member gets a notice they are accepting new people and they are not at this time. I can just let it build up in paypal for my ebay purchases. Mary

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