Speakman faucets

a2geminiAugust 29, 2014

Has anyone used Speakman faucets and shower heads?
I have seen and used Speakman shower heads at hotels but didn't know they made faucets

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My sis won't use anything but a Speakman shower. Designed her entire last bath reno around having them. But I had no clue they did faucets.

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Agree. They do make great shower heads but had no idea they made faucets. If I had been getting regular shower heads, I would have gotten a Speakman. We went with Hansgrohe rain shower heads and hand showers.

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I'm glad this came up as I am looking for a combo of handheld unit on slide bar and rain shower head. I saw the Speakmans but they look clunky. Howevee, I really care more about performance. They are that good?

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Speakman shower heads are fabulous - and not expensive.

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Thanks- I heard and used Speakman shower heads before but didn't realize they had faucets... And if they make great shower heads maybe they make great faucets - but have to find some reviews.

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Hey a2, how are things with you? I have been hanging around the bathrom forum since spring when I directed my daughter's bathroom remodel. It turned out great. Now a leak in my son's upstairs bathroom ( into his kitchen below) has moved his someday reno into an as soon as possible reno.

My fabulous kitchen GC retired but I was lucky enough to find another great contractor. My daughter's complete gut and redo was completed in 3-1/2 weeks. The contractor and his subs did all the work but I purchased the plumbing fixtures, tile, vanity light, exhaust vent, cabinets and countertop. The contractor was impressed with they way I had every thing ordered and on site, on time.
The contractor was originally a tiler so he did the tile work himself. He is an absolute perfectionist. Needless to say, he is doing my son's bathroom too.
My son and I met with the contractor last week and he actually asked me if I wanted a job as a project manager for a remodeling company he does some work for. Too bad I like retirement and taking care of my granddaughter too much to even consider it. (Aside from the fact that I have no idea what a project manager's does)

Anyway, I jumped on this post because I never heard of Speakman faucets or shower heads. Now that you brought it up, I have been doing a little research into them for my son's bathroom. Overall the shower heads reviews sound great but I am wondering which fixed shower head would be the best one to get.

Do you or anyone else who reads this have an opinion on which fixed shower head model is the best?
Any thoughts on a handheld shower to pair with the fixed shower head?

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badger - good to hear from you!
I only ever used the Speakman "classic" style shower head at DH (before DH) and at hotels. - it has the big holes and is nothing fancy.

I have to figure out a way to start the master bath - but just have been so busy - how did I ever have time when I was working. Just returned from a bicycle trip riding from Jasper to Whitefish.

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