Any thoughts on Dacor slide in induction range?

JoanLastJuly 5, 2013

I would love to hear experience or thoughts on the Dacor 30 inch Renaissance slide in induction range.

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$5200 and their power hob is rated at 2800 watts.

Many people have posted that electric heating element and/or circuit board in Dacor electric ovens go bust after 10 years or so.

Samsung NE597N0PBSR $1999
Power Hob rated 4600 watts

Right now Manufacture Rebate $400
Take home price $1599 with free shipping.
If you look a little harder maybe you can find a better deal.

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The Dacor range stove is $5299 at AJ Madison but US Appliance seems to be offering it for $4999.

But I agree with Deeagaux that the Dacor seems like a so-so range performancewise and twice as expensive as anything else except Viking ($2k more) and the Ilve (about the same price).

As Deeagaux notes, the Dacor induction has two 7.75" hobs (2.8kWh) and two 5.5" hos (2.3 kWh). Both small hobs are up front with touchpad burner controls along the front edge of the cooktop. Those kWh numbers are max settings, so only one burner per side can be run at full power (pretty much true of every induction range I've seen in the US market.)

Layout seems a lot like the Whirlpool/Maytag induction units which are 1/3 the price, except that the Dacor has front mounted oven controls and is available in a color (black) besides stainless. Whirlpool induction products (including Maytag and Kitchenaid as weil as appliances for Ikea) have been the subject of complaints about operational noise and issues with long term unreliability. Haven't seen anything that says, one way or another, if Dacor has outsourced its induction appliances or components. DOn't know what to make of the similarity to the WP products.

The Dacor has a thin blacksplash and is avalable as a slide-in. That means its cooktop has the room of a pro-style stove at a price about $2k less than VIking's induction range. (No knobs controls, though). SIgnificantly more cooktop room for multiple big pans than with the GE and Electrolux slide-in induction ranges. Same thing with the Samsung induction ranges. Whether that matters to you or not is a matter of your personal preferences

Curiously, the Dacor user manual specifically forbids using pans smaller than the hob diameters (first time I've seen that.) Nothing in there about maximum pans sizes, but folks don't usually buy Dacor ranges when they plan on big canning projects so maybe Dacor just didn't publish a warning as some appliance makers do. (AFAIK, both the GE and Samsung are fine with canning kettles.)

The manual also forbids spanning burners with a griddle. GE permits burning spanning on the left side and the Samsung freestanding NE597NOPBSR specifially enables you to link the two left side burners to a single control.

A 7.75 diamter burner can handle most large pans. For instance, a 12" All-Clad skillet -- that's 12" measured across the flared rim --- has a base that, for induction purposes, is about 9" across. Others (Cuisinart, for example) have smaller bases, and so should fit just fine. A Lodge 12" diameter cast-iron skillet has a base that is about 9.5" across. I have a Sitram 12 quart stockpot with an induction disk base that is 7.5" across -- which, according the Dacor manual, means I should not use it on one of the big burners. Probably can use it as it is is only 1/4" smaller in diameter and most induction burners will allow down to 70% of burner diameter -- and sometimes even 60% of burner diameter -- before the pan-recognition sensors fail to recognize a pan. (There was a recent thread here on this topic, btw.)

OTOH, some nominally larger pans may be too small for the large burners on the Dacor. For example, on my nominally 10" diameter Circulon non-stick fry pan, the induction base is only 6.5" across. If the Dacor manual is to be taken seriously, that pan would be confined to the 5.5" burners.

Hob controls have a "low" setting (which probably means a low-end .5 step). ABove that, the heat settings go n whole number steps from 1 to 9 (no half steps) and a "H" setting. Interestingly, the H setting is like a boost setting but the manual does not note any time limits on using it. So, the H setting on the Dacor burners is less than the Boost/H setting on the GE and Samsung, but the continuous (non-power-shared) settings are probably about equal. In practical terms, this means you can boil large kettles of pasta water etc. faster on a GE and Samsung induction stove, and you have a bit finer control in the low and mid range settings with half-step settings.

The blurb on the Dacor site says that the oven has a "green" steam-based, 30 minute light-duty self cleaning cycle in addition to the usual high-heat (pyrolitic) oven self-cleaning functions. (The Samsung does, too. GE was proposing that for the upcoming PHB915 model, but not sure if you can't do the same thing in the existing models.)

Dacor specs a 50 Amp circuit where GE and Samsung spec a 40 Amp minimum.

This may because the Dacor oven ostensibly has a 2.5 kWh (2550 watt) induction element around its induction fan. The oven in the Dacor also has a removable filter for the induction fan. I"ve seen it mentioned in some other Dacor threads but don't know if it is really useful or just a marketing gimmick.

Hard to compare longevity and durability of induction ranges and warranty service from Dacor. Samsung warranty sevice seems highly variable with a sizable number of complaints . As Deeagaux says, there have been a fair number of reports here and elsewhere about Dacor electronics having somewhat short lives. Ten years on a Dacor seems like a generous estimate according to some posters here, though. I cannot say the Samsung would or would not be any better but it certainly would be a lot less expensive to replace.

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WOW!!!! Thank you so much Deeageaux and JWVideo! That was fabulous! I have a lot to think about. I liked the look of it. I liked the slide in factor. I did notice the green clean. I never clean my current oven due to chemicals. I can't even be around when running my dishwasher. LOL! Slightly over-sensitive...

It's out due to the fact it takes longer to boil water. I want that crazy fast factor:-) I'm going to keep looking.

So grateful!

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