Fridge Not Level - Please Advise

BravoDesignJuly 19, 2013

I have a 4 yr old GE Profile Counter Depth Fridge, 36 inches wide, with the two double freezer drawers on the bottom.

I adjusted the black screws in the front on the bottom corners counter-clockwise to lower the front to the point where one screw came out. Minor help, but it's still off.

The front of the fridge is about 1 inch too high.

Can anybody recommend a remedy to this please? Or has anyone else experienced a similar problem?

If there is nothing I can do myself, anybody know what a GE tech would charge roughly?

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I just checked installation manual for a current GE Bottom Freezer , and it does not talk about making it level, it just says

Adjustable legs at the front corners of the refrigerator should be set so the refrigerator is
firmly positioned on the floor, and the front is
raised just enough that the door closes easily
when opened about halfway.
To adjust the leveling legs, turn the legs
clockwise to raise the refrigerator,
counterclockwise to lower it.

The youtube video shows screws like you describe, but says they should not come out.
Neither says anything about making it level, I assume it has wheels in the back, and they want you to drop the legs in the front to keep it from moving, and so that the door will close correctly.

On the other hand, one inch sounds like a lot to me, and if you really want to, you could insert shims under the back to raise it a little.

Here is a link that might be useful: GE Video

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If a refrigerator is not leveled in all directions, it is possible to distort the shape of the case versus the door shape, and in any case make the door not close in the manner designed. Ideally, the door will be designed to close by itself if opened to normal angles, but stay open when opened further.

Maybe GE made a refrigerator so rugged that leveling is not required, but if I were the OP, I would check both the side, top, and face for level and shim the back or adjust the front as required.


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