Exterior window trim darker than windows?

ontariomomJuly 5, 2012

Hi all,

We are making our final decisions about exterior colors. Our home will have red brick, a greige (cabot color quary stone) board and batten siding and white windows (already in). We thought we would choose a darker versin of the greige for the facia, soffits, downspouts etc, and then wondered if the wood trim around the exterior windows should be white to match windows or dark greige to match the facia, etc. Our garage door is also to be a darker version of the greige (i.e. a few shades darker than the main siding colour).

What do you think? If our windows are white on the exterior, should the exterior window trim also be white? Or should we go for darker coloured window trim (i.e. a few shades darker than the body colour of the siding)?

Any thoughts welcome and very appreciated!


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Is the window trim the same at the siding and the brick? Trim color often depends on the design of the house about which we know almost nothing.

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Hi Renovator8 and thanks for your input.

The windows in the brick portion will not have trim, just brick around the windows. The trim around windows in the siding portion will be board and batten trim from Maibec. We have chosen a contemporary style of trim. Here is a picture of our house elevation. It does not show any trim on the picture though. Our architect had originally spec'd for brick mould, but said it would be just fine to put wood trim around siding windows instead. BTW, the brick of our house goes on the lower floor, and siding on upper which is not well shown by the Sketch-up drawing.

Thanks for your help.

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Hi again,

Here is the architect's elevation pic. The one above does not show the cladding material, and I just figured out how to send the architect's picture. This image does not show the window trim that we are planning around the windows on the siding part of house. After playing around with house visualizer sites, I am leaning towards the following

body: greige - Quary stone board and batten
house trim, soffits, facia, freize board - charcoal
roof - charcoal (already done)
windows - white (already done)
window trim around door and siding windows - charcoal board and batten
I think the greige has enough gray in it that pairing it with charcoal (not sure how dark of charcoal to go) should work.

I wanted to also let you know that the front door will be changed to a 8 foot double door with 3/4 glass (hopefully this will tie in the deck door better). With the taller front door, the transom above will be shorter. Also there will be a bit more brick over garage than is showing.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.


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