Sutton Single Sconce

murrywoodsAugust 27, 2013

I have been looking for a look alike to the Sutton Single Sconce. This looks very close. But there are no reviews on the light at all. Has anyone hear of them?
Here is the link

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I don't know anything about the brand, but just in case you didn't notice, it's fluorescent rather than incandescent like the Sutton, if that matters.

If you're open to FL lights, there are a lot of others that are similar to Sutton. Didn't link any in your other thread because of the light quality difference, but a search over at wayfair should find several if you're okay with FL lights.

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Also, keep in mind that flourscent lights can't be put on dimmers. Not sure if that's desired - we have every virtually every light in the house on a dimmer but esp in the bathroom b/c we set low at night in case someone needs to visit. :)

It's not a whole lot less $ ($30 each, right now pair is on sale (near Labor Day, 2013), but we went with the Pottery Barn Sussex Tube Sconces for my daughters' bathroom. It's fairly similar, perhaps a tad bit more traditional.

But it's at least a little less. I can vouch for the quality of the lighting - man, their bathroom has the BEST light of any in the house! :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Sussex Tube Sconce

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Thank you so much for the info and the suggestions. I have been dealing with HVAC issuese with the home all week, but hopefully can decide on lighting this weekend

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