Frou and other pink lovers

luvstocraftDecember 19, 2010

Wanted to be sure you didn't miss this pretty pink tree. I think I've shared this blog before, but in case you haven't looked recently, you might want to take a look. And if you browse back a few pages there are links to other blogger's Christmas decor too. Enjoy! Luvs

Here is a link that might be useful: Pink Christmas tree

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OHMYGOSH, I'm in love with pink!
I went thru all her rooms, and the dining-room especially had me think Pink Heaven. Me??? Yep!

Frou, her Old World pink Santa has the most beautiful face!
And her other pink Santa was pretty too.

Thanks so much for sharing this one, Luvs. I'll be looking at it quite a few times. If she and Candy ever got together, there'd be nothing left for the rest of us to decorate with. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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I'm bumping this up before it gets lost in the Christmas rush ;o)
This is some of the prettiest pink decor I've seen and
sure hope our "Pinkies" take a look at it.

hugs, Karen

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Oooooooo, good thing there is no such thing as pink overload in my book. She has green walls just like my kitchen, which provides my favorite color combo pink and green.

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Luvs, her pink decorations were stunning. I love pink and will be going back and saving this when I have more time to look.

Karen, I totally agree with that old world santa, wonderful!


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