can't update AVG, can't uninstall also

TerrapotsApril 13, 2013

I was trying to update AVG 12 to 13 and it failed twice. I tried the removal tool from their web site, ran it and instructions were to remove all AVG from add remove programs. This also froze computer. I tried a restore point in safe mode and tried again but still cannot remove AVG 12, still freezes computer. What am I doing wrong. It's an old HP, win XP, SP3. The computer keeps freezing when I try to remove AVG. So at this time I have no virus program on it. Is it safe to try to download another antivirus program. I have Anti-malware bytes, updated and ran that and found no problems. I'm afraid I may have a major problem as my computer has been running slow at times but I attribute it to all programs starting up when I wake it up or start it up and I always seem to be in a hurry.

I have MSE on my laptop and really like it but am fearing the fact that the firewall may not be adequate on the XP computer.

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Open Services, disable all services you are sure are AVG. That will let you anyways.
Restart tapping F8 ... Run the uninstall tool from safe mode ?

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MSE and AVG are both antivirus programs, that may be your problem as you are only to have one AV on the computer at a time

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It sounds like this is her PC, and the MSE is on her laptop. Is that correct, Terrapots?

I had a devil of a time getting AVG off my PC but with the help of the good (and so patient) people here, and even Corriene, we finally did it. Good luck to you.

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Thanks for the responses. I'll try to disable through services as Mikie suggested. Genes, avg is on my HP and mse is on my laptop, no conflict there. I was trying to uninstall from safe mode but in the middle of it, puter restarted, weird!

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Are you using the correct tool for the appropriate version?

We have all done it this so it needs to be asked. Are you sure the system is frozen or maybe you just got impatient while the tool is working? Remember you are removing over 127MBs so that will take awhile.

You could consider over-writing AVG 12 with a new install and then trying the removal again.

Though the removal tool is the best way to go, any consideration to using REVO?


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The whole system is not frozen just the add/remove programs. I get message driver install failed. It acts like I
m tying to install but it is uninstall. Several times I have gotten message that install failed. Tell me about REVO, slow learner here. Maybe I should try to install AVG 13 which is what I was trying to do before I couldn't do it. I also keep getting popup that AVG 12 is trying to update and will start in 10 minutes.

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Revo uninstaller is sort of a combined way to uninstall programs and clean up the registry for that programs left overs and some of the left over files/folders it might leave. It's not always 100% effective but its better than windows uninstall - which is really just running the programmers uninstaller.

You can try to use revo... I always run it on its most aggressive scan. .

To me it sounds like you might need to reinstall AVG 12 the older version..... disable it.... uninstall it maybe with Revo first... then follow up with the AVG uninstall tool .. most want you to run that tool from safe mode.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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After not being able to remove any AVG through systems and remove I tried to let it install 12. It has now asked me to restart the computer three or more times to finish installation. It is really corrupt. It's late now but believe I should use the link Mikie gave me to use Revo tomorrow. One link had a free that I checked, had a free download, not the Revo pro, with considerably less features. The 30 day free trial must be for the pro.

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Terrapots each time I use Revo a window pops up to buy the program, simply click that off and away you go, the uninstaller window is underneath and populating.

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I downloaded the Revo and ran it. I got to the window that said to carefully check the bolded items. I checked all that were bolded and deleted, next window popped up with nothing showing, blank. But also got a popup that AVG was restarting computer in 10 minutes. I x'd it off and checked revo again. It gave me options of xing bolded items, although AVG was now absent from the Revo uninstaller window but there are now 1701 items bolded in the window. Do I x them all? No ID connected to them that say they are AVG, but I am assuming they are. I did check all the bolded items on the prior window like it. Help!

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avg has a removal tool ... it works ... try that .... ... darlene

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Well I think I finally got rid of all or almost all AVG files. Even as I was deleting the third group of AVG bolded files in revo I had computer needs to shut down to finish installing AVG 12, there were more than 2600 files to obliterate by revo. What a mess. the AVG removal tool just did not work, I tried it several times but it could not finish removing AVG 12. Thank you for the referral to Revo.

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