Medicine cabinet vs. mirror above sink

von4nowAugust 19, 2014

Another question for my upstairs bathroom remodel...
I had been planning to install a custom made medicine cabinet above the sink in this very small bathroom for the sake of extra storage. But it seems that medicine cabinets are "out of style" currently, and most bathrooms now have just a mirror. Any insights/suggestions?

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I plan on replacing the medicine cabinet mirror with another. I guess out of style means hard to find. With small bathrooms, you need all the help you can get. The master bathroom has two closets. This one has none. My suggestion is to do what you like and meet your needs :)

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Currently remodeling master bath and I am adding 2 mirrored recessed medicine cabinets which will be flush with a mirror covering the whole area above the vanity. I saw this on Houzz and figured it was perfect for my project. It does take more planning and detail work to accomplish.

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To those who say medicine cabinets are out of style, I say BAH!

In my just remodeled guest bath I have a large mirror over my vanity and a recessed mirrored medicine cab on the small side wall. It's great for checking out the sides of your hair. It's functional, looks good, and what else would I have put there? Generic artwork?

It's by Kohler and wasn't hard to find or a major expense.

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I just remodeled our MB and had 2 recessed medicine cabs installed with framed mirrors from Pegasus. Can't even tell they are anything but a mirror. We have a 5' vanity with 2 sinks... medicine cabs were a MUST in order to keep the counter clear.

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I am putting a large mirror over my sink, but a large mirrored recessed medicine cabinet on the side wall at the sink (the sink is in a corner). The medicine cabinet is beautiful...It's taller than usual, beveled, and the entire inside, including inside of door, is mirrored. It's stunning and modern looking.

I wanted a large mirror over my sink in the bathroom, since it's small, plus it's an exterior wall, and I understand you can't put recessed med. cabinets in exterior walls.

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Before the remodel our MB medicine cabinet was a standard partially recessed unit. We just had assorted junk in it and I didn't care if it was there or not. In the remodeled version, we installed an electric outlet in a fully recessed custom cabinet. Now we use it to store the things that used to be all over the counter with trailing cords. Big improvement!

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We are redoing master bath in home made of cement blocks (it's in FL) and double vanity is placed on outside wall--and there are pocket doors on either side so can't do side-installed ones--can't recess the medicine cabinets w/o BIG expense...

We are going with framed-out medicine cabinets in same style as the vanity--
they will project from the wall but since we are going w/more traditional style don't think it will be that out of place...
We can't just frame the wall out above the vanity to allow for a recessed look-
I asked about that but it would mean pushing the vanity out further from its current depth into the small space--

We love medicine cabinets and would love to have them in our TX house but the counters in bathroom are too deep (poor design IMO) and too tall...
we have wall mounted mirrors above those vanities...

Personally having medicine cabinets recessed to align w/wall mounted mirror would be ideal to me--lots of reflective light--
and you can get the pressure open-close doors so you don't need knob

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