Trying to shoehorn a new Bosch dishwasher

nancitaJuly 19, 2012

Hi all,

In my 1880 home, nothing is even. I am trying to replace the dishwasher that came with the house with a Bosch. The height max is 33". The bosch's are 33-7/8". Can I somehow cheat? The counter is not very good but they sure did secure it to everything they could. Maybe I could cut a bit under the counter, which is formica?


Oh, is that height typical ?

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Have you looked at the ADA compliant / special application dishwashers from Bosch? These are 2 inches shorter, I think.


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The Bosch SGE63E15UC is the ADA machine mentioned by Whirlpool Trainee. It is only 32 inches high and the cutout requirement is H 32 1/16'' x W 24 '' x D 24 ''

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We have that exact model installed in a normal-sized opening and have a teeny, tiny gap at the top which you can't see unless you are looking for it. Best washer I've ever owned - everything comes out absolutely sparkling clean with Finish Quantum tabs! We have rock-hard water here in TN and the softener does an amazing job and keeps everything smooth and shiny without requiring any extra citric acid products (like LemiShine) or phosphates. Now as others have said it "looks small" inside compared to some big US models and the rack system takes some getting used to. If you have big heavy items like Fiestaware then you'll have to get creative with the loading. But you will not be disappointed with the cleaning results, especially if you have hard water.

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