Windows 9???

jane__nyApril 10, 2014

Has anyone heard if MS is releasing Win 9 at the end of the year?

I read it somewhere and wonder if its true.


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I've heard the same story. Is it true? Don't know. Even if it's true "now", it could always get delayed by something. If I need a new computer now, I will buy one now. If I don't, I won't. Do whatever works for you.

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From my readings it has been reported "Threshold" could possibly be released late 2014, but more likely Spring 2015. Also I have read that though v9 is a complete update users should not expect radical changes from v8, v8.1, and now I guess v8.1.1.

An example of material from March 25th is below.

There is already a v8.2 in the pipeline.

From Microsoft's track record if I were a betting man, and I am not, I would look for a release for "Back to School" or Christmas in 2015.


Here is a link that might be useful: Tech Radar.Pro

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I think I'll wait. Take my chances on XP. I don't like Win8.

I have two computers which are fast, run perfectly and I will make sure I keep all my protection updated. I fear Win8 is another Vista.


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From what I've read, I'd skip Windows 8 and go directly to Windows 8.1. Version 8.1 is essentially ver.8 with features added to address user unhappiness. I'm running ver. 7 and am satisified with it. It is still available from a few computer suppliers, but most will not install it since ver. 7 is becoming outdated.

You will have software issues when moving from Win XP to a later MicroSoft operating system. XP is for the old x86 processors and the newer OSs move beyond that barrier. Many applications written for the x86 systems will not run in the newer OSs. A few applications contained code that permitted it to run in either sysem. These can be installed in the newer OS.

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Oh, dear----

Jemdandy, I am old and not very computer savvy. I ask for help, explanations and advice, but I really do require moron instructions. My desktop computer and tower are fairly recent and it came with Windows 7. I did fairly well adjusting from my old XP and I had read that 8 would be confusing for me so I deliberately bought a tower that came with 7. I have a Netbook with XP and an old laptop with Vista which I never use, The Netbook is what I take while on vacation. I had thought I should simply upgrade my Netbook to 7 because XP is no longer supported. However, I also want a tablet so I have pretty much decided to get a tablet and use that to replace the netbook, and I think I will get a high end Kindle tablet. I know it is all about touch screen but I will use it mostly to read books, watch movies, TV programs and do email on it while on vacation. I don't know which OS edition to choose for the new tablet. I would appreciate any suggestions. Also, since my desktop is Windows 7, how long do I have before that OS is no longer supported?
Thank you for any suggestions.

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"The end-of-support date for Windows 7, as of now, has not been extended. Mainstream (free, Microsoft-provided) support for Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 installed isn't expiring until January 13, 2015. Microsoft will continue to provide security fixes for Windows 7 for free until the end of extended support, which is January 14, 2020."

The link below shows numerous sites reporting these dates.


Here is a link that might be useful: Google

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I hope Wins 9 is user friendly, was not interested in wins 8 much. Windows 8 was mainly a tablet operating system. I believe windows 8 was created to compete with android.

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W8 was created as a "one size fits all" platform. W9 is reported to be the same focus.


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Touch Screens ... hmmm

I was on a professional photographers page listed in the news... He must have designed his web picture pages using a touch screen tablet.

Very unfriendly to us poor folks on keyboard and mouse computers. All of his pictures scrolled to the right.. way far to right and some up/down scrolling needed too because he must have a very high resolution display - pictures were too huge on my laptop to see tops and bottoms without some jiggling..

Think maybe my mouse and mind just doesn't like to scroll right very well for pictures . But imagine this is what will be coming more and more to the web in the near future.

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