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mystic_2008March 15, 2011

I have a HP desk jet 656C printer that wont print anything. My friend was using it yesterday and it jamed and she pulled out the paper. Every since then it prints nothing. I have the lights all working properly and I also have a printer logo on my computer that comes to the bottom of the page looking like it might start to print.

I have just finished uninstalling it and then putting in the CD and installing it again. But even this does not help.

I am currently running Windows XP and have never had a problem like this one.

Will someone please help me as I have to get a document printed out tonight if possible.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

can you make it do copies or scans or does nothing work?
did you go through the steps for un-jamming, you said she just pulled the paper out.
When you uninstalled and re-installed did you follow the sequence they give for when exactly to plug in the printer? that is extremely important with HP printers if you do not do it when they say it won't work.

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I can't make it print anything and when I uninstalled an the re-installed I followed the sequence exactly. It was working before but not since the papers were pulled out.
Has any one got any other sugestions????

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The problem isn't with your computer so reinstalling the software will not help. Unplug the printer from the wall and the computer. Remove any paper. Get a flashlight and have have a good look around for a remaining debris of paper. Reload the paper and plug the printer back in. Does it make the "normal" noises? Print a self test page (from the printer itself, not the computer). I think with this model is done by holding down the resume button for a few seconds.

If it works, then plug the printer back into the computer and try printing. If it doesn't, something is likely damaged. You can try the forums over on

If you need a copy of the 656c manual, you can download it from HP here.

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I have gone to the site, and used the feature of "talking" to a rep there, and tho it took some time, we got the darn thing up and running again, similar happened to me, and believe me, I was upset to say the least. Those people are there for a good reason, and they do know their stuff!

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