Music keeps buffering on internet sites.

john4291March 20, 2012


Compaq Presario dual processor 64 bit WIN 7

Model NY540AA-ABACQ5210F

3 GB Memory

While listening to music on the interner I get buffering about every 5-6 seconds. Do I need more

memory or is there something else I can do? TIA,

John W.

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You need a faster Internet Connection most likely.

How fast can you download the same music file ? Typical 4mb mp3 plays in about 4 minutes. If you cant download it in less same or less time than its play-length .. .it will need to pause and buffer.

Scan for virus maybe / with something like free version, might be wise if you pay for a fast connection.

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Thanks Mikie. I will give your suggestions a try.

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You don't have cellular or satellite internet service by chance? You have a data cap on those services and once you reach that cap - everything slows way down....

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Iowagirl2006, I have a fast DSL connection wit ATT. Most every else seems to go fast enough. Thanks for the response or anything else you think of. John W.

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What is the speed of your DSL? Sometimes what you think you have is not what you are getting. Check it at and report back. I sometimes had buffering problems with my "fast" DSL connection: I was supposed to be getting 3 Mbps, but sometimes it slowed down to about 0.5 Mbps.

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Sometimes it has nothing to do with your own computer but rather the capability of the sender. When I use I always use the same place in Alaska for good distance and get a reading of 10 megs but in real life that never occurs. Try going to the Asus site and you'll soon see the best is usually around 250 to 350 kb/sec.

Try a different radio provider to see if there is any difference. I use Shoutcast

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Richard (chuggerguy)

As kudzu9 says, run the speedtest to be sure. Maybe you have a bad wire running into your house or something?

And as owbist points out, it could very well be the site(s) you're listening to. It would help to know what you're trying to listen to. Can you point us to a site you get buffering on?

What browser are you using? If you can see this player:

Your browser does not support the audio element.

does it buffer? If not, how about this?

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Nice site Chuggerguy, thanks. I do not download but am enjoying a 92 minute Youtube of Dixieland.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Agree I had never been to before, I like it too so thanks for posting it.
I rarely download music but I do like to listen to streaming music on the pc and my tablets this will add to my collection.

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Richard (chuggerguy)

Thanks. I think I started using Mixpod when it was called something else, forget what. Used it to post the little flash music players as comments in an old MySpace game. Game doesn't exist now.

If you do a free Mixpod membership you can search for and create a playlist more to your taste. I actually hosted those songs on a freebie Fileden account, only because I needed wanted 320KB/s. The URL posted above is modified to play in a full browser window but the format of the URL is easy to change to play your own playlist... player color etc.

I don't really download anymore either, mostly content to listen to what I already have, and rarely at that. If I'm driving, I've gotta have music, around the house, no, I'm too... distracted... or whatever. :)

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A little late here. That's what happens when it is summer time in March. The Internet drops way, way down the list of importance.


If you are using Firefox you can try the add-on Broadband Speed Test and Diagnostic. It will put an entry under Tools on the Toolbar for ready access. I have found it to be as accurate as Numion and Speedtest.

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Thanks Everyone for your great responses. My kbps was 344. I added MalwarebytesAntimalware updated, ran and found some items. I found most of the music sites did not buffer, so I'll stay away from those that do. I appreciate the good info on streaming and other things. John W.

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That's pretty slow for a DSL connection. Are you paying for something faster than that, but not getting it?

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I agree with K.

My rural, fluctuating, unreliable 3G network is most often more than that.

The FF meter I referred to earlier reports that DSL Basic is 768Kbps. That's "their" claim.


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