bertazzoni 48' gas range/double oven

nyrgirl35July 31, 2012

Hi just wondering if anyone has a Bertazzoni 48" double oven gas, either master or professional series? The oven sizes say 2.9 cu. ft for convection oven and 1.8 cu. ft for the auxiliary oven. This seems small to me. I have a big family and entertain a lot. I don't want to buy 48" double oven thats not big enough to cook a large turkey and trimmings. Thanks!!

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I have the Berta 48" all gas, pro series. We also entertain frequently and the range has been great for my purposes. I was also concerned about the size of the ovens, so before I purchased, we took a 7 hour road trip (we were going in that general direction for other reasons as well) and I brought along my large roaster pans and cookie sheets to try them in a floor model. This gave me the peace of mind I needed to make the purchase.

The ovens are quite large side to side and I can easily fit my 9x12 casserole in the small oven, which I couldn't do in some of the other 48" floor models that we looked at. The larger oven accommodates my sheet pans with no problem. They are not as tall as a conventional American made range oven, but are plenty big for any of my large roasting pans.

The only time I have had an issue fitting anything in was when I had a large roaster in the big oven and wanted to stack another casserole dish that was approximately 5 inches tall on the second shelf. This combo wouldn't fit, but I just moved the casserole to the 2nd oven. If I was planning for a large family turkey dinner, with multiple sides and desserts in the oven, I think I would cook the turkey in my $30 electric roaster. I could then fit at least 2 dishes in the small oven and up to three or four in the large oven.

As a side note, I don't use the small oven as much as I thought I would on a daily basis because it takes much longer to preheat than my large oven. I don't know if the burner is smaller and that is what is making the difference, but my large oven can be up to 425 degrees in 10 minutes, but it would take 20 to 25 minutes to reach the same temp in the small oven.

Attached is a picture of my installed Berta in my still unfinished kitchen!

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Ok, I obviously don't have the new way to attach a picture mastered! It was there when I previewed, then disappeared??? I will try again, the old way.

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Thanks so much for all your information. Your kitchen is beautiful, I love it!! Have you had any problems with your Bertazzoni and if so how was it to be serviced ? How long have you had it ? What configuration did you go with on your stove top? and just out of curiosity Ive always had a gas oven, but heard electric ovens are better for baking. Not sure how much you bake but what are your thought with this stove at least? Thank so much for your time :)

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oh and any reason you choose the professional series over the master?

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We have had the Berta installed since November 2011. The only adjustment needed was adjusting the burner strength on both the stovetop and ovens. I originally felt that my simmer burner was a little too hot and once the burner was turned down, it has been perfect. Also, I monitor my ovens with an old fashioned oven thermometer and both of them were originally running around 25 to 50 degrees hotter than what I would set them at. Again, once the burner adjustment was made, they are rock solid.

Both the stovetop and oven adjustments were easily done by my husband. My husband is very handy and did almost all of the work in our new build kitchen himself, but according to him, any kind of work that is needed on this range would be very simple because everything on it is mechanical. Almost no electronics and anyone with the most basic of appliance repair knowledge could work on them. We live in rural Iowa, so DH is our repairman. :)

My stovetop has 6 burners and the electric griddle. We haven't used the griddle as much as we could yet, but I plan to continue to experiment with it in the future!

This is actually my first gas range, I have always had electric before. The ovens did take a little adjustment for me to get used to because I felt like when I baked some items, they were getting too done on the bottom. I don't know if it is from the burner being turned lower, or I am just getting used to working with the oven, that I don't seem to have that problem anymore. I did stop using my darkest metal pans and have switched to more glass and ceramic bakers. I also only use the convection when roasting something. I found for true baking such as cookies or cakes, I kept having problems with the bottoms being too done. Again part of this might be user error, not the range!

We went with the pro series because I loved the knobs and thought it was pretty! I know it is superficial, but at the time we purchased, there wasn't a difference in price between it and the master.

I personally love my range. I am not a fancy chef and am using it for everyday family cooking/entertaining. It has made me more adventureous to try recipies and techniques that I would have never attempted with my old electric smoothtop. For those who truely have a more gourmet cooking style, this might not work as well for them, but for us, it was the best fit for our needs and budget. Because our appliance dealer gave us a great deal on the range and our dishwasher, we ended up spending just under $6,000 on it.

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people have also mentioned about bertazonni's making the kitchen extremely hot and it blows hot air into your kitchen, did u experience any of this?

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I don't think it makes the kitchen hot. In fact we have had numerous 100+ degree days here this summer and I don't have a problem continuing to use the oven (which drives DH nuts!) because it seems so insulated, that I don't think it is heating up my space at all. It does have a cooling fan that kicks on after the oven has been running for a while, but I don't find it to be too loud and it is quieter than my vent hood on low speed. I have a 6 year old DD, and have never been concerned about her being near the oven door, or felt like any type of warmth was a danger.

I was canning/freezing some veges out of the garden the other day and felt that the kitchen got very hot during that time. But I had several of my high power burners going at once with water boiling and putting a lot of hot steam into the air. I was also running around the kitchen more than usual and that might have had something to do with it as well!

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thank you so much for all your help. You truly helped me out a lot. :)

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