How do you feel about "room bleed"?

OaktownJuly 26, 2013

We are working on the kitchen layout, and I think we would have an easier time placing fixtures and appliances if we remove most of a short wall and run the counter all the way down (circled area in the picture). The architect is advising against "room bleed." Do any of you have opinions one way or the other about "room bleed"?

(A number of things have already changed from this sketch but the arrangement of rooms is the same.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen forum post

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I agree with your architect here. You would be creating 3/4 of a room for the pantry in an otherwise well-separated plan.

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Your architect is right. A bit more extreme than your issue, a few years ago we added a large family room and kitchen sitting area to our last house. In the process we opened up the entire first floor--family room, entryway, kitchen and dining area--into one large flow. There were only three doors--two closets and a bath. It was dramatic and very livable. But when we went to sell it actually turned a lot of people off. Whatever the magazines say, people like defined spaces.

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It's refreshing to see a kitchen with some spatial definition. I agree with your architect. There must be another way to get what you need. Your pantry might be a good place for a microwave, placement of which in the main kitchen is either an afterthought (turd on counter) or built-in at an expense way out of proportion with its utility.

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Thank you, this has been helpful!
We'll just work with the space as drawn. (The "pantry" is going to double as my office.)

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Another vote with your architect. I like open plans, but I think removing that half wall will make for an awkward space.

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Sophie Wheeler

I think the bigger issue would be the fact that the most commonly used route to the laundry seems to be straight through the kitchen and pantry areas. Is there any way you can put the laundry upstairs where most of the dirty clothes are generated?

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Down the stairs and through the mudroom to the laundry works well for me!

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hollysprings, we are plumbing for laundry in an upstairs closet just in case, but we like the laundry to be closer to the solar dryer ;-) The bedrooms upstairs are for the kids and guests.

Thanks everyone!

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I've never heard of 'room bleed' before.

I know you said some things have changed...but I just wanted to see if that's your only sink, on the other side of the kitchen. You might want to add a prep sink on the island or by the range.

Also, is your only powder room accessed through the mud room?

And while I like the windows in the pantry/office and laundry, if there's room for some storage/shelving underneath, that might be very practical. Hope that helps :)

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lavender_lass, I had not heard of "room bleed" before either -- that's the term the architect used.

Thank you for the comments!

Yes, we will have two sinks in the kitchen, one will be on the same counter run as the range. We decided not to do an island and instead are having a big kitchen table.

There is another first floor bathroom available for guests on the other side of living room -- the powder room is the bath for dirty kids and gardeners. (We thought about putting the powder room next to the laundry but then we'd lose a bath upstairs.)

Great idea about storage/shelving under the windows in the work areas. Any ideas what it should be?

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Bridget Helm

i'm with the architect

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Oh, that's a great set up...a separate powder room for dirty gardeners and kids :)

As for the shelves, I was just thinking low shelves under the windows (maybe for books) in the office...and/or baskets with food, for the pantry use. For the laundry area, it might be nice to have a shelf under the window with storage underneath for hampers, if there's room.

I love your idea about the table, rather than the island. I wish my kitchen was big enough to do that...we used to have that set up and I really liked it! Here are a few pictures I've been saving, in case you're interested. For my next kitchen! LOL From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures From Farmhouse plans

And be sure to check out Mermanmike's kitchen on the kitchen forum. Here's a link...

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to Mermanmike's kitchen

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lavender_lass, thank you for the pictures. Those are lovely kitchens, and I especially like Mermanmike's with the shelves under the window. Since you like kitchen tables, I thought perhaps you might enjoy this photo --

Traditional Kitchen by Norwich Architects & Designers Smith & Vansant Architects PC

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Oh, I like that...especially all the light and easy access to dishes. The table looks so inviting...just makes you want to sit down and visit, over a cup of tea or coffee :)

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