How to mount mirror to wall (with trim)

aportholeAugust 22, 2013

Dry wall just got hung in our new build and I'm doing a little research for DH.

In our last house DH glued the bathroom mirror directly to the wall. Excess moisture/condensation from the walls ended up dripping down behind the mirror and left black spots that showed through the mirror. Obviously we did something wrong there.

What is the proper way to mount the mirrors to the wall? Do we glue directly to the wall, use some type of mounting clip to keep the mirror away from the wall slightly, do we caulk the top/sides to prevent moisture from getting behind the mirrors?

We would also like to have some small trim framing the mirror so any insight into how to mount the mirror along with the trim would be appreciated. See attached photo for trim example.

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Were they big black spots or small black spots?
One of my friends did a full mirrored backsplash and the adhesive used affected the silvering on the back of the mirror and it showed up as black spots in the shape of the adhesive placed on the back of if.

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They were pretty small black spots, almost like speckling. I suppose it could have been the adhesive that corroded the slivering, but DH seemed to think it was from moisture running down the walls (ventilation was very poor in our previous home) and there was always moisture on the walls after a shower.

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Babka NorCal 9b

With proper ventilation you should have no problem with moisture running down the walls. There are whisper quiet exhaust fans available, and you can put them on a timer so you don't have to remember to turn them off. When you use your sinks note how high you splash water and put the framed mirror above that level.

We have a large framed mirror (3x5') and it is hung on the re-enforced wall with strong picture hangers. I believe I could put a hose to the wall water would run behind it w/o damage...well at least to the mirror itself because it doesn't touch the wall anywhere.

You can mount your mirror using a channel on the bottom edge and use mirror clips on the top and the then add your own framing if that works for you.

Just take care of the moisture problem in the room first, and then do whatever suits you.


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