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luvstocraftDecember 14, 2010

On a recent Treasure Shopping stop, I came across this guy! I looked, laughed, and started to move on. Then I stopped and thought "oh, my gosh!" Walked backed, saw a price of $3.99 and thought "what the heck, I have to buy him". But better still, when I got to the counter and the lady was ringing up my purchases, she picked him up and said "oh, you found one of our FREE items." I said "Free items, I didn't know there were any." She told me they had marked over 200 items as free the day before Thanksgivng! Now how cool is that? Are you ready to see?

Pretty cute? Pretty funny? Oh, you're not that impressed, huh? Well, just look at why I had to buy him? Remember these?

The placemats were a gift from Miss Karen that I had shown you earlier. Just look what I did with them:

And here's one of those now famous "Candy" shots:

Are you just a little bit impressed now? No talent, just sheer luck and a desire for having a little Christmas fun to share with all of you. ;o)



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That is the most adorable thing I've ever seen. Sooooo cute and sooooo perfect. I can hardly stand it.

Just "sheer" luck??? Was the pun intended? Well, if it was luck, I don't know who deserves it more than you.

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BIG SMILE here! Using those clear plates was ingenious, luvs!...& who could walk away from that PERFECT sheep pc! FREE besides! Love the R&B combo here with those cute plates you've made your own! Glad you weren't too Baaaashful to share this t'scape! Still SMILING! Jeanne S.

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Mamma sheep watching out for her babies looks like to me! How cute & with the greens & red looks very festive. Jan

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That is so cute, I actually thought you had sheep plates, til I realized they were glass plates with the cute placemats showing thru. The FREE guy in the centerpiece is perfect! Who'd have thought sheep could make such a cute table!

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Oh My Goodness!
That is just tooo cute for words!
And free is hard to beat. What a great find.


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OHMYGOSH...I am cracking up that you found a sheep to match those placemats! That is just too funny! And FREE?
Then you go and do one of the most adorable tables ever!!
A Baaa Humbug table HAS to be one-of-a-kind. Its going in the inspiration album for sure, this is just unforgettable.

And don't try to pull that "no talent card" with us. LOL.
We know better! By the way, since you did a CandyShot, were you swinging from the chandelier, or dancing on the bar like Punk? As short as you are, I'm almost afraid to ask WHAT you did! LOL.

Thanks for sending me to bed with a big smile, after the rough day here I sure needed it as you know.
big ol' hug,

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LOL, I'm so glad you all enjoyed this, my whole goal was to make you all smile.

OA, I hadn't even realized that I had used a "pun" when I wrote "sheer" luck until you pointed it out! I see Jeanne knew her's was deliberate with the "baaaashful" comment. ;o) Mine should have been "shear" if I'd of thought of it. LOL

Who would have thought some sheep could make such a fun "Christmas" table? When Karen had sent the placemats, I kept thinking "now what could I use for a centerpiece?"
Guess the tablescaping angels were looking out for me, huh? LOL

Karen, I hoped you would get a kick out of this! See how inspiring you are? You take "enabling" to a whole new level. ;o) The "Candy shot"? Luckily for me, I already had the step stool in the kitchen so nothing dramatic/dangerous was required. ;o)

Now where do I store this guy??????


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OK. I hate to put the pressure on, but you just have to make him a little Santa hat. You can make it with some red material and cotton balls and a glue gun. It has to be long so that it hangs down past his ear. Oh, I guess you'll need a little sprig of holly too.
Now, get crackin'.

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It just doesn't get any cuter than that, I'll be watching for the hat though. You are one lucky lady, you need to buy a lotto ticket.

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How funny, but I agree with OA. A santa hat is in order. Pics before Christmas???? You know..... he would be good in a daylight savings time tablescape. Clocks and the "counting sheep " thing???


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And sheep are always good in "Spring" decor! You've found a winner here, luvs! Shear luck! LOL! Jeanne S.

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Ewe are special and so is your new cotton cow!!! I love it! Goes perfect to go with your placemats from PM. Wonderful table you created with these.


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that is just too cute - that hat will be perfect - I can't believe some of the finds you ladies come up with - love it .....


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That is so vute! What a perfect centerpiece, and I bet you didn't get fleeced! :)

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Ohhhhhh you guys are killing me!!! Too Cute...Luvs, I think you hit the jackpot with that one!!
Thanks for giving me a laugh on a busy day!!

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That Sheep is perfect!! Which # is he? I'm sure you'll have his or her hat finished by the end of the day won't Ewe? What a clever idea to use clear plates over the placemats!!! this is such a fun post!!!

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luvs...just don't fix "lamb chops" when you eat at this table! LOL! Jeanne S. ...remember Shari Lewis & Lambchops!

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You gals are so creative and funny with all your little sheep related puns! LOL

Punk, never heard of a "cotton cow" before. How did that name come about? Is there a story?

Jeanne, luckily we don't care for lamb chops--and yes, I sure do remember Shari Lewis & Lambchop.

A santa hat would have been cute--didn't even cross my mind, OA. Maybe I'll do one next year--but moving on to other things now.

Nana, I didn't want to cover up the design on the placemats and luckily I had some clear plates that I had bought to use on my three tiered stand.

Nope, Kathleen, I didn't get fleeced--can't beat Free! LOL

Ladypat and Jeanne, thanks for the ideas for other uses for him--that way I won't mind him taking up my limited storage space so much!

Frou, you are right, I do need to buy Lotto tickets but I never even think about them.

Jaybird, I'm so glad you got a good laugh, that was my main objective in doing this table.


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