To niche or not to niche . . .

coolbeanswAugust 7, 2012

Hall bathroom renovation, 33" x 68" tiled shower in progress. Glass doors on long side, making entire shower visible from rest of the room. Due to existing studs, vents, and plumbing, cannot do functionally-sized niche on short shower head wall, and cannot center one on either the long wall or the short rear wall.

For convenience, will be installing a two-compartment shampoo/soap dispenser directly above the shower controls.

So should I skip a niche altogether, or settle for a non-centered one on the rear short wall? TIA

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We did a tile shower at our lake house, and they re-framed the back wall to center the niches. maybe if you can't center one, can you put in more than one - and space them in a decorative way?

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Looks nice, numbersjunkie.

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I love the look of a niche, but I'm tempted to go without in my new shower. To me, the tendency to get gunky is a bit of an irritant - but maybe that just says something about my cleaning skills! Anyway, now I'm looking at wire baskets that screw into the wall. Ginger makes some nice ones.

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Kmcg they won't get gunky if you put a good pitch on the shelf. Coolbeans while your down to studs just frame in what you want. I have 2 and one is very narrow and very long, the finished with is like 5 or 7 inches and about 30 plus inches long has 5 shelves. For little stuff razors, washcloths, soap, love it! Then I have an oversized lower for shampoo stuff. Just add to the existing studs..

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I really value a niche in a shower, even more than in a tub because the edge of the shower is too narrow to set things on.

Here are things I keep in my shower:
Face wash
Body wash
Scrubby gloves (exfoliating things, sometimes)

Wall mount dispensers work for the shampoo and conditioner, but the other stuff needs a place to live. If you can put a niche in, even a smallish one, it's really useful for people like me who have lots of shower stuff ;)

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We ended up putting in a two-compartment niche on the short rear wall, between the center point and the shower door. Decided on function over form.

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